Healing from Miscarriage

I am extremely grateful for my path to have crossed with Darshna. I had recently been thinking a great deal about a pregnancy I miscarried 7 years ago, feeling deep down that it was a baby girl. Through a session with Darshna, I connected with her soul and I believe that with the help of Darshna, my child’s soul will come back to me, and I will conceive her again. I also wanted to tell you that since both the meditation session and my session with you, I am feeling so blessed with such positive things happening around me, and can feel love and compassion within and around me.

Mrs. B, from Manchester.


Spirit baby connection

I had such an incredible experience with Darshna. I was booked to go to a group meditation day led by Darshna, I think it was to do with connecting to the feminine, but anyway the night before I found out I was pregnant. Whilst excited as I knew that Darshna was renowned for her Conscious Womb work, I put all that aside and made my way to the workshop. On the way a random thought popped into my mind which was ‘Imagine if you’re the only one!’ It made no sense and I dismissed it. On arrival Darshna informed me that everyone else booked in the workshop had postponed and that it was just going to be me! Literally gobsmacked I continued to listen as Darshna explained that something drew her to having this session with me alone as she could have just postponed us all for another date. I immediately knew that this was a message from my very new spirit baby that today was a day for us to connect. All this insight and messages and we hadn’t even started. To cut an already long story short I opened up to Darshna about my pregnancy and we got to work  connecting. The whole experience was magical. Darshna was sweet and gentle and explained every step of the way during what could have been a very overwhelming experience but she made me feel at ease. Darshna connected to my little one immediately and I had a wave of emotion float over me. It felt comforting and like love. That’s the only way I can explain it and together she helped me connect too. I left feeling a strong bond to my baby which has enabled me, I’m sure of it, to have a really connected pregnancy. Darshna taught me how to connect daily and now at 5 months pregnant I have the most beautiful relationship with my unborn child and I have Darshna to thank. If you want to go one level deeper with your pregnancy and alleviate any anxieties you might have or just purely connect on a deeper level then I couldn’t recommend Darshna more highly. She truly has a gift and I for one am grateful she’s sharing it.
So much love to you Darshna xxx
Maria Banobre

Soul Dialogue session

Darshna is gentle and calming throughout the session you take with her. She will guide you comfortably through the meditation journey.
I felt safe and ready.

The session was a phenomenal experience, a real sense of release for me. Never had any expectations but I felt light, understood and connected. The pain of loss that rears its head every now and then, specially when you think you have worked through emotions over periods of time had disappeared and in its place comes love, compassion and a better knowing.

I cant say I’d felt a lost during the period of miscarriage because I could never really explain how I’d felt. Most certainly now, after the session a greater inner sense of peace. Not only has this allowed me to grow freely with a better understanding to communicate but also in a much more loving way. I feel honoured and blessed to connect with my child in spirit our bond continues to grow deeper everyday.

Bless you Darshna for being a guide, and for this divine service, opening me up to so much more words are not enough!!!
Love and light dear one!
M, London