Fertility Package



This fertility package has been designed intuitively by myself through spirit communication with baby spirits and experience of working with clients on their conception journey. It is for all typpes of conception, IVF, IUI, single persons wanting a child, couples of the same sex and hetrosexual couples are all welcome. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is needed to bring forth a child from spirit. I have used different methods with various people and found these to be most effective producing quicker results. This method is using neuroplasticity, soul work and epigenetics. It suits those who are ready to go to the depths of their own soul and be a conscious parent preconception and raise a child who is part of this new transition of consciousness. It is a 3 month commitment to yourself which helps the magnetic pull of bringing forth the soul of the child desired. A commitment to yourself of self-love radiates this in their magnetic field for the conception to take place.

The Quantum field is where desire resides and can start to manifest itself into psychic matter ready to come into this earthly plane. I work with energy, sending the astral body into a higher vibration so it can healed through guidance from your personal spirit guides and also the baby may come in to help at this point to ensure its incoming birth. This is possible as the child is in this higher vibration as it has not had a physical birth yet and not bound by time or a body, therefore in transition between births. It is one of the most amazing things I have seen during a session. The likely hood is that the child has had previous lifetimes with the parents and so this time the choice of having them as a parents is a special one. Hence taking longer, perhaps through difficulty. The soul lesson therefore is one of patience, compassion and a learning of self-love and a love between the couple before this baby can be received. Most of all Commitment to each other as partners and to the child, for it has its own mission in life to carry out.

The human body is bound by time, therefore each cell is a conscious unit, each containing a memory of ancestry, physical, mental attributes, health ailments and emotional conditioning’s. Thoughts turn to things, these are passed down through DNA on a vibrational level. Through Consciousness.

Consciousness resides outside the body in a vibration field through to the soul. This can be accessed through the quantum space by raising the frequency of the body. The body can reach a new level of thinking therefore altering the cell membrane. Which is permeable.

Working on the etheric layer however is not enough it must be in conjunction with the mental and physical layers of the body. This is done through thought processes using cognition known as neuroplasticity, setting new neural pathways in synchronisation with your soul self. Written exercises to be done at home and also in session with me. The physical layer is healed through lifestyle adjustments and possible herbal supplements to support the whole system as it undergoes these mental, physical and etheric changes.

Guided meditations will be used to help you connect to the child’s soul. By this time your chakras will have enough life force energy to allow for you to feel AND CONNECT. You will be taught to feel the spirit around you, to become more intuitive and understand the soul contract with your baby. Methods like automatic writing to help channel communication from the baby to you and also enhancing your visual processes to see the baby. This will form a relationship between you and your child, honouring each other as souls on this journey.

Unconditional love is needed to CONCEIVE..  REALISE   RE CONNECT and call in your gift!



COUPLE:  £1800



3 Sessions

Single: £150 each session   Couple: £200 each session

These three sessions are Quantum Vibration Healing sessions used to raise the vibration in the body through the astral layer. This allows more life force energy to move through you and heal physical tissues. Nourishing the womb and reproductive areas. Regulate any menstrual difficulties. Nourishing the wholeness of yourself through your soul. This is where the relationship with yourself  begins, allowing a higher knowing of unconditional love, allowing another being to come in.

This sets new neural pathways for positive emotions and opens the Heart Centre. It triggers the Synapses in the DNA to cognisise in the physical body.

This is where the body, mind, spirit can start to work in unison. Healing trauma, grief from miscarriages, still births etc. At this stage we are working with two dimensions the astral, soul level and physical Earth body in density.

Diet, lifestyle supplements advised in Month 1 for physical and mental support.  Re knewal  of body and expansion of soul.


Single: £150 each session   Couple: £200 each session

These three sessions are working with your higher self through the heart. To understand your consciousness as vibration and how it affects your everyday living. These tools will be used to apply to relationship with yourself, higher power or GOD and relationships with all others. You will understand your soul connections, contracts and the correlation to your soul self.

Session 1: Guided meditation into the womb, to re parent yourself form new neural pathways. Understand your relationship with your own parents. Change the energy matrix of your family. Cognition exercise: re alignment, re focus, Lessons learnt for soul expansion.

Session 2: Heart Centre, self-love. Guided meditation to connect to you. Cognition exercise, how you see yourself, your soul purpose in this lifetime. How the relationship with yourself concurs with your partners.

Session 3: What kind of Parent do you want to be. Why do you want this child? How will you nurture its soul purpose?


Single: £150 each session   Couple: £200 each session

These sessions are to connect to the babies’ spirit, know its soul purpose and start to feel it as energy, start to blend it into your physical body. To Start and develop a communication with the baby through intuition, dreams, automatic writing and channeling.

Session 1: Meet your baby meditation. Opening of heart to receive the connection. Raising vibration, tuning up kundalini life force through the sacral, heart and third eye.

Session 2: Soul blending, feel the baby’s personality through vibration. Bringing the baby down into your physical body through the astral layer. To have the feeling of conception. This will ignite the DNA field and bring into your soul membrane at cellular level.

Session 3: Energy tune up through the kundalini. Enhancing intuitive connection to channel the baby, which ever way suits your comprehension of receiving spirit.

Extra sessions may be needed dependent on life circumstances. However if you commit your whole self  and willing to go to the depths of your soul understanding the polarity of life, acknowledging the shadow of yourself to bring forth the light, allowing spirit to help you, you will see results quicker.

My own journey with my spirit children has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. It has opened me up to new levels of consciousness and unconditional love. This journey helps to perceive the eternal relationship with yourself as a soul and your child/ren, on this continuim of Space and Time.

Work with me and have the most beautiful relationship you will encounter. Rewarding for all participating..

I look forward to it! xxx


Soul Baby Comes To Earth