These Readings are sent via email, with your questions of current situation in your life you would like to know about. The answers are received from your guides, higher self  and the Akashic Space  known as the akashic records, where past, present, future resides.

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Spirit Baby Readings:

These readings are based on the current creation vibration you have. I will tune in to the energy of the incoming soul. From the Akashic Space where past, present , future resides. The answers will come from  various states consciousness from the child, it could be from a past life that it has had with you before or the child’s higher self or the baby spirit identity of the present life experience it wishes to have. It will be a combination of what wishes to come through and what you are willing to hear.

Spirit baby readings follow a karmic road route, to help determine best possible time for conception according to current vibrational thoughts of parents and link with the child. The soul blue print and its possibilities. This information are pulled from the Akashic Space where all probabilities  known as past, present , future exist.

I will need full names of both parents. From that i will be guided a time of which to put forward these questions. The answers will be channeled through automatic writing…and replied back to you. With explained analysis of how this affects you now in terms of blockages in conceiving and how to remedy this from me as the medium.

Investment: £150

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Oversoul  Readings:

If you would like to know where your creative potential vibrationally is and guidance from your spirit guides

Investment £150

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N.B  these readings are to tap into multidimensional self, to help guide you to a more fulfilled life of achieving your desires. For all readings to be successful in your eyes, in answering what you would like to know from spirit . You must be clear and definite what you are asking. Consciousness is fluid, your soul came with many choices… be prepared to hear truth! not what your mind has made up for you. Remember your spirit guides are also a representation of how you are feeling at the time you are asking these questions. Your replies will also reflect this. Some readings will take you back to your birth to understand what you came for in this reality and the relationships you chose.

See the Universe as your mirror..