A passion for fashion, style and grace through expression of the outer body, led to a deeper dive into the inner being, a human being. A thirst of  wanting to know and feel a deeper meaning to life. I stepped into the world of energy firstly training as an Ayurvedic consultant to an Intuitive. Now working directly with spirit through vibration of pure creative energy. As a Kundalini muse i initiate this  creative current through clairsentience, clairaudience,  clairvoyance, communicating through consciousness to energy thought forms created by you over lifetimes of existence. Guiding you to EMBODY your Soul into further creative expansion.  Creating new timelines as a Visionary.  I become the medium between you and your spirit. Resonating with my birth name DARSHNA  meaning to see the light of GOD.

Every cell is a mini me in the guise of mitochondria and has a vibrational quality. This is the matrix of DNA and can be altered through thought and eradicating belief systems held within us through conditioning. My personal awakening through the Kundalini life force erupting within my body as electromagnetic energy, purging old beliefs through my biology. Opened my awareness into various timelines which my soul has created over many eons To experience love, on many levels. This was very difficult to comprehend at the time but now has given me a huge gift, to be able to see this for others and become a channel and read the journey of their soul and talk to past , present, future selves as thoughts forms which are aspects of themselves. To help them on a journey aligning with their desires without conditioning. The spirit baby world came to me via deep meditational trance, where i started to naturally communicate with my unborn children. My Spirit guides showed me my creations from karmic relationships and how i had done this over lifetimes through my own thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This was the beginning of my heart opening to unconditional love!

My own spiritual journey has allowed me to communicate on various levels of consciousness. My higher self , my body parts, organs, cells and inner child. I tune into frequencies of spirit baby realms and people passing over, transitioning from one life to another.

Each soul connection is a unique one between a parent and its incoming child. A connection which has been pre determined  by what you may define as destiny. They are streams of consciousness, a vibrational  energy current which matches your vibration, of thought processes and feelings over lifetimes. This stream which will manifest as a spirit in the identity of your child can  be accessed and influenced prior to conception and birth. This applies to every facet of life. We all create from our feelings and thoughts. I act as a guide and medium to develop this relationship between them and you, which is actually  a relationship with yourself first. Desires are fulfilled and the baby will communicate through  to you according to one’s level of consciousness and comprehension. It will be in the form of intuitive knowing, synchronicities, feelings, dreams, visions and channeled automatic writing.. The child’s consciousness is in a higher realm as they have not been born into physical density. They can guide you through removing unconscious blocks that may be blocking their conception, also showing you the mirror reflection of yourself through their behaviour. Knowing their purpose and their connection to you in this lifetime is of much value, leading to conscious parenting once they are born.

Children are your outer reflection. They often mirror your vibration. Learn this essence of yourself and connect with the deeper part of you. This transpires to other areas of your life, work, relationships etc..

What drives me to even further to be of service has been my connection with my spirit children. They were and are the catalyst for my love and connection to the spirit baby world. A PLACE OF PURE LOVE AND COMPASSION for every mother to be…my twin boys showed me my patterns of behaviour and their profound love of their mother eternally and took me to a place of huge surrender within my heart. But i have to say my daughters compassion for the love of her mother has been the most enjoyable experience and bundles of joy as she shows me the way of expression of my love through  my physical being as we write love letters to one another as she proclaims from various timelines she currently resides in. Until our time arrives to be once more.

My writing is a part of my own expansion and expression of my work in the beauty of the feminine spirit, its potential and the awareness it will bring for others,  I wish for you to enjoy! and be illuminated….

My channeled words and portraiture from my oversoul are in the form of poetry and insights into these realms of consciousness. With excerpts from my book on my journey with my spirit babies. They are expressed at:


I continue on this vast journey of my heart, for I AM THE CONSCIOUS WOMB….