Kundalini & the Spirit Baby

Conscious womb painting

Artwork: https://www.facebook.com/mike.camp.3762

The Kundalini energy is the life force known to mankind as the sexual energy life force that creates life. The energy that is bound by our bodies at birth and moves through our day to day existence. …as it flows directionally according to our emotions and state of being.

In manifesting our desires, particularly our children the need to flow this energy is essential to our well-being and health. As it can get stuck in our vortex’s of creation which is known in yogic terms as chakras which  are vessels of enlightenment through which we express our notions of life.

The base as the Muladhara is our very connection to earth consciousness the magnetic force that keeps us here projecting our thought and action into the planet so she may thrive ..she is the life force the Dharti, Gaia. Whichever you wish to name her . We cannot proceed to exist without her, or create life without her is trying to bake without the ingredients and tasting the reality of what it feels to move into action and feel each morsel in your mouth and enjoying its texture , movement and taste.  Grounding is not just touching your feet to the ground. It is your core of which your Kundalini can flow through bringing you into your very HUMAN ESSENCE.

The sacral of desire where the wombs of both men and women bring forth life in the flesh and desire through emotional gratitude. Being together and creating through sexual resonance new fetal existence to place an impression once more on the Universal stamp called planet EARTH.

The solar plexus of power, enlightenment and the central core of existence of where the Sun powers the digestion of thought and food. Personal gain through the desire of thought of which we are all connected and powered through the Electro magnetic field known as your aura, the soul resides out side you connected to every heart that exists once again through power of planet earth

the heart of the gateway is your expression of how you love what does that mean to you my dear,..

who is your love first? to  then procreate another love, is to see it in the eyes of your daughter/sons of many. The heart is where the channels of golden energy pour through to the mothers heart and the gateway to heaven as they both meld into one  another in the body. In pregnancy it flows like melted honey as the elixirs of life are formed.

The speech gateway as the Vishuddha allows an expression of the mouth to move in the words of love itself. as the serpent moves through this gateway she can no longer lie to herself of the nature she came for…

THE dimensional gateways to the higher north pointing in the compass of the Universe wantS to be known and longs to be met. Where Alpha and Omega merge the essence of your higher being. Merging with your body unable to  be chained into limitations of the mind construct. Let the third eyes become many!

The serpents head then flowers into many as  her creativity expands beyond the notion of oneness to pure existence connected to everything earthly and inter-dimensional as she sees the spirit baby world and its intentions to bring forth the CHILDREN OF LIGHT.


Create this from the beginning. A conscious conception is alignment with the truth of who you came to be and who you are. Let her flow and allow her to bring forth your child into this existence as intended.

The Kundalini flows beyond this plane into your higher dimensional self its the very essence of your body , soul and mind. The conception in vibration to blend with the flesh of the body as it works in tandem with your mind.

The soul blueprint comes into action…as the Spirit baby uses her kundalini energy with yours and  a merging of the nadis , Ida, Pingala into the Sushumna the central point of earth existence…through your spinal column in celebration you being into another.

 Flow easily and create into mother earth as mother earth intended!



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