Who is Your Spirit Baby???

Who is Your Spirit Baby.

By Darshna Parmar

martina hoffman

Artwork: https://www.martinahoffmann.com/

The concept of the soul is a mysterious one, but dominant in most Eastern philosophies and religion. The true essence really, is that, it is the part of you that speaks to you. The gut feeling, the knowing and emotion of grace within you. It conducts and orchestrates your life, past, present and future by giving you the direction you need to fulfill its journey of expansion on choosing your current life. The relationships it needs to accomplish left over feelings, residual desires and unfinished business!

The part of you that is not Biological but Vibration. That is the SOUL. The eternal concept (energy, life force) which moves through each life time known as Reincarnation. The soul is the part which is attached to a higher power known as GOD. The spirit is the part of you named in an identity which decided to come through a body attached to parents and an ancestral lineage…which suits the character, she would like to play in the stage of life. Her ancestors know of her coming and celebrates the newness of her being as she is programmed in vibrational matrix of the lineage and lights the way for new ….

It is most often women who express their desire for a child openly. Desire is a knowing of a wanting, which comes from the soul in whispers wishing to expand itself through the power of LOVE. Having a child is the biggest reflection of yourself and where the most unconditional love takes place, as part of you is expressed in a little body, mirroring your inner thoughts and playing out your mannerisms….in this physical world.

The spirit baby is the child which has not been conceived physically but consciously as a vibration (a collection of thoughts through feelings). Developed over many lifetimes and wishing to come through and making herself known through your body. She is your intuition calling at you through nature to know herself once more.

Being aware of your spirit baby is to notice your intuition:

What feelings stir up in you when you think of your baby?

Where can you feel this in your body?

What images come into your experience as synchronicities (coincidences)?

Who starts to show up in your life?

Do you feel differently?

Most of all how does your heart feel?

These are a few ways a spirit baby will start to work through your intuition and your reproductive system, to get you to notice them. When you write these emotions down or start asking yourself questions about the personality, you will start to receive answers through various means, like a song on the radio, wanting to visit another country, a decision to move house.  Or a random name pops into your head….or a name you have loved for a long time, because YOU JUST KNEW that one day you will name your baby that name. The most common way is through dreams, as this is when you are least resistant and not in logic mode. This is your baby trying to communicate through your thoughts and feelings… synchronistic active vibration, letting you know a readiness to feel the Earth Journey once again.


Connecting to your spirit baby consciously, is  by being in a relaxed allowing state with no other interference  particularly, not using logic but consciousness which is an experience of feeling emotions not a process. It comes from the heart. Meditation is the best method to begin, by using the breath and centering the mind. The brain will go into alpha states allowing higher dimensional awareness to come through. By letting everyday mundane thoughts and fears come up and float away. Your baby will show itself in the best possible way you can perceive and comprehend it. The more open you are and start to notice it, you will enjoy it. The more you will receive.

The main points to remember when connecting to your baby is:

  • Trust your intuition.
  • Believe the messages you receive, no matter how bizarre they seem.
  • Acknowledge your baby, the most IMPORTANT. Although your child is a vibration, it was created eons ago in the fabric of the Universe the matrix of thought as vibration… they are real and they are looking down on this big journey to Earth contemplating and trusting they will be loved and cared for, it is a must for them to appear to you.
  • Always be thankful for any guidance you receive  from higher realms. Gratitude is the most benevolent act of kindness. The part of you that exists beyond this planet. Your children, whether in a body or not. babies that did not make it through miscarriage, still births or infant deaths are still eternally yours and will be working through you, to expand from the beyond.
  • Write down your experience’s, this creates new neural pathways in your brain, re programming your fertility in your biological make up., especially if you are having trouble conceiving.

The spirit world is a vibrational reflection of this material one we live in. Where these delicate souls reside is a place of love and must be respected with the highest regard. Once you acknowledge this reality as a part of you. It is the most satisfying and heartfelt journey of love you will ever experience.

Much love and grace to you all, as you get to know your SPIRIT BABY….



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