Psychic Matter



Psychic matter is those layers of thought that have not been processed physically, but move through your cellular body as patterns of disease and manifestations unwanted or wanted. Called the unconscious memory….. however how unconscious is it?

It is more clarified to say these thoughts are buried within the psyche and when an active desire comes into your vibrational field it denotes your access to the wanted outcome.

A desire comes into active thought when you think you want it into your physical reality as an idea inspiration or an epiphany. So the desire exists in a strong thought projection but the belief of actually having it lags behind in a trail of time because the belief of it and desire are in two different dimensions.

A repetitive thought becomes a belief strong enough to create a  physical manifestation. The matter part of you is the earthly density. Your physical apparatus such as the brain as thought filter to process feelings and emotions that come from your heart consciousness. the neurons of the heart trigger the brain procedure. Your energy bodies consists of your non physical information known as subtle awareness that you carry from life to life. Moving from different dimensions of parallel realities known as past lives or future occurrences , which actually do not exist in a time frame because time as we know it diffuses once we are beyond this 3D earth density. It is all PRESENT and NOW.

The causal body which carries our desire is full of creative expressions of ourselves which is where the ideas, concepts , desires of a partner and children reside within this field. It also carries the unwanted projections of which have been also carried through the ether. In the Akashic field of knowing or the Quantum space every thought that existed, exists and will exist a so called past , present and future is where all of life comes from. The eternal nature of the soul. This why in spiritual texts it is stated ;that there is no death or birth just eternal awareness. However for human comprehension we have the notion of the physical body as a walking ego identify of which we give a name connected to a family lineage and culture, religion etc. These are all experiences we choose to discover another part of our eternal selves for the soul to expand.

As spiritual awareness occurs and knowledge of the polarity of this Universe.An understanding that we exist in the middle as one cannot exist without the other. Yin/Yang, Dark/light, Male/female. This is balance in awareness of thought. This is BEING in the present and this is where true psychic development and present creative structures can be felt void of past and future. A NEW.

As you project  a thought through the physical mind a matching equivalent is going on in the dimensions of your creations according to your spiritual awareness in the vibrational field outside your body. When they integrate that is when you will see it in your reality.

Psychic matter is the energy form of your thoughts the aspects of  your level of conscious awareness. When in meditation you go beyond conscious thought and duality. Allowing a present connection to all that is (GOD) and creating a new version of expanded awareness and desire in a different format void of past psychic matter. A higher vibration of soul consciousness.

When connecting to spirit you are connecting to different versions of the identity. A deceased family member or spirit baby. Whether you are dead or alive the soul is in a state of constant evolution. As everything is a match of vibration, the kind of spirit you encounter is a mirror reflection of you. Two people may believe in Jesus but how they receive that spirit through meditation or as a guide will be according to their personality.

You can only receive what you are in this dualistic world, BEING PRESENT allows creation from  the power of going beyond restrictive thought. Removing resistance in whatever brings you joy increases vibration.

In order to receive your desire, let go of control to diminish boundaries of the outcome, so it gives the higher self a chance to receive your desire in a most desired way that sometimes is inconceivable to the human perspective.

Merge and create



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