Cognition merges with Soul


Your Soul existed before your physical birth. It evolves in many different aspects allowing you to choose in one lifetime your present awareness to experience what you feel is needed to expand yourself further cosmically. So Earth is a school of thought and teaches you that your projections of thought create your reality.

Your physical birth is some aspect of you, travelling to different aspects of you, through the universal spectrum of knowing.

The EGO arises from what you are. Your thoughts appear from a a bed of layers, where potential creativity lays in all of natures species.  The blue print of when you arrived is a snapshot and is a matching of conditioning bought by you from other lifetimes. Your inner being the soul half of you which is connected to the Earth via atoms and particles.

The phenomenon of Nature. The ‘I’ comes from the responding physical part of you as a structure of belief systems ready to knows itself again known as Consciousness. The ‘I’ re builds itself , cells retain its identity whilst matter (the body as the physical layer) that composes is altered, shape shifting and constantly changing as Heraclitus  stated ‘the only constant is change.’

The invisible part  of you has the electromagnetic and light qualities, that connects you to everything and everybody else. Before birth your identity already existed in other dimensions. This is your consciousness and is not dependent of a physical body and not connected to a brain.

The physical body is a form made by thought a mental image of what you will look like according to what you would like to experience. These are subtle essences which have moved with you from life to life through conscious awareness. You  match your selves to a parental lineage for this purpose. So your child/ren existed way before your physical birth.

Your cognition allows you to comprehend your desire through logical means and becomes active as nature projects the reproductive cycle within you. The conscious psyche produces many versions of you, usually evolving through experiences of your parents prior to a birth in a body. Alignment happens at the chosen moment between child and parent. Beforehand it could result in miscarriages, abortions, infant deaths…these are all agreements and should not be met with any guilt or too much grief, because the body always matches thought. Therefore it will stay in grief and guilt and not present creativity, which allows fruition psychically and physically. The soul does not get stuck and neither does your body.

What goes on cognitively  shapes the souls awareness. So if planning a child is a part of your soul purpose, we are moving into times where being a conscious parent happens before birth. Vibrational Parenting. So you can have the best ever conscious relationship with your children. One of freedom, wisdom and alignment.

the soul only knows love, which all agreements are made from. What we may define as negative are the biggest learners and are the catalyst for huge expansion especially if you have chosen forgiveness as a learning this lifetime, before time presented you in a body to reveal another chapter of your eternal story!




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