Default Infertility



The body is always on a default setting known as unconscious memory which plays directly into the cellular codes. which provide DNA settings switched on or off according to the mind status. Our desire of health needs to match the belief of the body. The body plays a tune to the music set by your lineage. An experience you wished as a soul to discover a part of you as a lesser being only then to expand to a higher knowing so you can create  a better life through conscious awareness.

The brain does not have feelings it there fore processes information it is already given. Much liken to data input, this is ancestral memory. It may not be a direct Mother daughter connection. It could be you, taking after a grandmother  way down the line you have never met. The soft tissues of the reproductive system are delicate and reside in the hormonal system of sorts to provide adequate knowing of the truth your soul wants you to know about yourself.

Life takes you along a course of events people places dream of a perfect relationship. Which manifests through desire and then wanting the urge to repeat a cloning of yourselves through natures force of reproduction. You start to try and the body will not co operate. Self esteem starts to diminish and your vibration is not high enough to sustain the desire and the body acts the same way.

The settings need to be changed on the physical layer through merging with your higher consciousness. This is the high vibration it needs to match itself, so the body and thoughts can start to match the desire. You have to have the belief before you see it to get the bodies cells to start corresponding in synchronicity. This is when rejuvenation takes place.

In some case studies i have experienced through my work is that the body is still grieving after miscarriages , abortions , infant death , still births etc. So that layer of dead tissue resides within the body because the mother particularly or in some cases the father has not let that soul go into the light , therefore it lingers. If that particular soul wishes to come back it hinders the progression because your thinking of them in the old way which is not relevant to the time now.

Hence in spirituality the present moment is so important so you can set free old patterns, to allow creation in full force of present requirement. Which is the baby,  matched to your current thought and desire. From an evolved point of presentation.

The Heart is the place of opening, feeling every part of you from physical ,mental, emotionally and spiritually this is your whole BEING.

If you have a feeling and a knowing deep within that you cannot explain , your child is coming to you . It is sending thought vibrations through your intuitive functions, through dreams , sightings of themed baby things that you connect with your idea of a child. In all sorts of ways sometimes you cannot perceive through the minds eye.

If you desire to understand more through your intelligence look at the work of Dr. Joe Dispensa  a neurobiologist who healed himself through neuroplasticity and  spiritual awareness. You are the Placebo..

This is the new paradigm in healing mind, body and spirit.


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