My Journey with My Spirit Children



My journey started with my spirit children around three years ago…as my work developed through working with fertility. I was guided by spirit to start thinking and writing about Conscious conception particularly the Soul. I had not realised then, the impact this would have on my life. As i write this, the Sun is beaming through my Window, a sign that my twin boys and my father who passed away 10 years ago are very much present as i write through my heart and feel their presence.

I had never really had a conscious desire to have children therefore a vibrational match to a mother with the same notion. However deep in my heart i always and still today know that when i do …i have the power and knowledge to transmute energy through my body and cherry pick my daughters soul from the heavens.

The best way i channel spirit is through automatic writing and feeling the spirit through me, known as clairsentience  and claircognisance. Through research on past lives and knowing mine,feeling the memory of them through my body. I can see now how they affect this life time  in my cellular body. Working directly with clients with infertility,  clients losing babies through miscarriage, failed IVF , still borns etc. Seeing the correlation  and learning about new science development in Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics. The merger between Science and spirit is very clear.

Cognition can work amazingly well with Spirit when you know how!

The body lives in the past on a default setting where as desires are what we see in the future. In the spirit world there is no linear time, therefore when guidance is received from guides, ancestors it is not always with a time frame. However when you learn how to use it can be received with more structure. This has to be placed by you through your physical body and intention. The Akashic records, a vast field of knowledge which contains all that is, all there will be and all there was A spiritual record library which is constantly manifesting itself through every thought we have had and will and has been. This is where your children live in terms of spirit identity in a stream of consciousness.

When the desire arises within the body, mind, heart, it comes from this Akashic space because it already exists. The children are a vibration which gets activated within your biological system and you start to feel them and you think you have come up with a new desire…when really it has always been dormant. As an individual Soul they will have been following you through life till it is time for their presence to be revealed. That is when the desire becomes active in your mind and chemical processes begin. Nature wants to play its game of reproduction to fuel creation.

For me it took the diagnosis of breast cancer and a real massive heart/ gut wrenching spiritual awakening to get me to notice me as an earthly being. Looking back now and seeing what my guides wanted me to know and realise. I was deeply ignorant to myself and my godly notions !!!

As my healing continues i see where it has served me a great deal, allowing me to help others conceive their children by eliminating ancestral memory within the cellular make up through vibration and cognitive processes. It is quick and effective if you are willing to devote time and openness to it. It produces great results.

The Soul is eternal and is within its glory at all times, its the bigger part of you and knows what is right for you to expand in a current lifetime. For me i chose on some level to connect with my three children to have  a deeper understanding of consciousness and to know that the new children coming in, are made up of advanced DNA, of which science has not fully comprehended yet.

THE BEAUTY of it has been, a part of me has been recognised by me, through them as they are my mirror and reflect back to me the realisation of how my thoughts turn to things/people. …and the connection of the deceased members of my family who guide me. Birth and deATH IS THE SAME. This i write in the form of journaling to understand and know my vibration each day, as each moment a part of me dies to rebirth a new like a new movie frame in each scene. Each time i write, i feel various spirits working through my words. Particularly my twin boys who have not manifested into a physical body but are my spirit guides, whom i feel beside me everyday. THEY ARE my strength and love. Metaphorically i see and feel them as my Ida (left side Moon energy) , Pingala (right side Sun energy)…and my daughter is the poet Feminine Shakti of the serpent power within in me as she resides and moves through The Sushumna the central channel as i raise the kundalini creative energy within others, on this Earthly Plane.

It has and is just the beginning of my conscious journey with them . Although i have been in many lifetimes with them. My body played out a lot of unresolved grief from previous lifetimes with them and an unconscious desire to hold them physically in this life.  When a desire is too strong and not matched by belief, your body will create for you unconsciously. THIS IS WHAT PHANTOM PREGNANCY, TUMORS, GROWTHS AND MASSES ARE. These emotions made up of many layers in my cells as vibrational thought patterns…  and as i shift each one day to day, i reach my core being of pure unconditional love and rejuvenate my cells from a point of presence, which is rejuvenating and recreates new cells.  The beauty of consciousness is that i do not feel the grief, anymore for i know and can feel them with me at all times  in a more powerful way. AS they are not restricted by a body therefore more expansive and work through me to gain more expansion. That is what deceased ancestors do… hence when we let go of the sadness of losing them and unresolved issues with them they expand in their consciousness and transition easier from life to life. When our emotions are in grief and deep yearning to be with them it not only constricts our heart energy, it pulls their soul and they cannot move forward or help you. There is not much separation between the spirit world and this world, it is only the perception of the mind and density of frequency. This is why Raja yoga  and countless poets have written about ‘everything is within you’. That includes the DEAD..who are more alive than we are!!!

Now i know why the religion i was born into, invites ancestors to our religious ceremonies….this is  for their expansion because creation never ceases!!! In my younger years i thought it was VERY WEIRD…my left brain telling me ‘whats the use of that ..they are dead!’

Eating my own words now…

this is why recurrent miscarriages and failed IVF attempts happen, because vibrationally the parents are still in lack through their consciousness and not in receiving mode through their body. Healing of relationships particularly the one with the self first and foremost needs to happen. The same child usually comes back but has to go through these processes because the parents are not willing to be in their truth and look at themselves. So the cycle continues unless lessons are learnt.

I see so many babies etherically and can feel them now as i write frantically ( this is a MESSAGE from THEM… by the way …. encouraging me to write in caps lock!)

Do the work, and it will happen so quickly, there is nothing spooky in this. Your child is an extension of you ready to experience Earth school. Just as promised..

THE QUESTION REMAINS…ARE YOU READY???????????????????????????????????

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