Life After Life


‘The Deficiency’ 


Mama when you cry ….so do i

I am the joy in your eyes, let me be  with you and evolve with you, I reside in the eyes of your heart, always have and always will. Your tears stop me from being with you in a state of creation. for i create as you, except you cannot see.

Feel me with you

For i will be….

What ever goes on in this Universe comes through you via your inner being, your source, soul your higher self …however you wish to describe is the personal signature you come with.

Eastern philosophies state that there is no death as such, because the soul is energy in a constant synergy of evolution. It has to do this through a physical body constricted by a human notion of time. These are the stop gaps. A product of experience known to us as life.

After death the cessation of a physical body, it rejoins the higher part itself to know itself once again in the ether . Even there you will see yourself in the product of thought forms which existed in the body. How you were in the lifetime will precede …so if you had a desire to meet love ones again, they will come and greet you. If you had not managed to carry out or overcome certain addictions or dark personality traits, your guides will be there at hand to counsel and prepare you for your next physical life to try once more to expand through polarity of desire and constriction.

The Soul Plan is what you wish to experience through relationships carried through from life to life. Therefore planning to meet individuals at varying vibration states throughout your life. What goes on for you on Earth carries on after death through your subtle energy body, because you live through your loved ones in the consciousness of that individual still in a body. This is the reason eastern religions have ceremonies inviting the ancestors to partake, because they are never separate. In modern day language this the GEnome the epigenetic markers…..influencing our cells daily. This is why repetition of behaviour and illnesses occur.

So when a love done passes away or we break up with a relationship, it feels so soul destroying because they are also within your cellular memory. In yoga they call this Rananu bandhan. Or you may refer to these as karmic relationships.

This is how we feel spirit of a loved one after they have passed on through death. They very much still live through us and evolve with us if we let them.

Therefore your future child is not in the future, it is very much with you. You can connect to it at varying stages of its evolution through the ether known as the Akash…or Quantum space.

Our consciousness effects our loved ones that have passed over. If we are stuck in grief , it stops their evolution and causes them not to be able to communicate through us via different means like dreams, intuition, signs and symbols or channeling.

If we can move past the hurt of them not being physically there, we can enjoy a more fruitful relationship from the ether and feel their energy with us at all times.

I have found immense joy and support from my children that are yet to be born and my father…as i now realise everything i do through my consciousness effects them. As they are not in a body they are in a higher knowing and can be a spirit guide if their consciousness allows and you are a vibrational match. It all depends on YOU. How open you are to listening to them.

These high vibration relationships will be the norm in time to come as the era of Karma is releasing its chains. Know your children before so that you can be there guides when they come forth into a physical body. If you know your Soul Plan , you can know theirs.

All this is done in the present moment through a centered body and breath. The Now is the way to connect because there is no past or future beyond this timeline. That is why the focus is NOW so you can pull in through your magnitised thoughts, your desire. You do not have to do it alone, there is much help. Learn to connect and receive.





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