The Inevitability of Time



‘The Inevitability of Time ‘             Adam Martinakis




A pre – birth plan is to be one with source, in terms of being a powerful creator . You chose your experience to allow yourself to RE-MEMBER who you really are which is a part of  GOD the Ultimate creative aspect of the Universe.

The power of now allows you to reinforce this. Old paradigms of thought of karma has now subsided in the field of spirituality. Most teachers who are in their own alignment with source, which means being present and feeling alive and at one with yourself without external circumstances. That level of satisfaction is self love. Not needing another to fill a void within you. This is when real creation happens easily  and you will be inspired into action.

These are the two faculties of divine masculine and divine feminine at play, dancing and rendezvousing with each other. every birth in a physical body you take, no matter how long for, days , minutes or years is your souls mission for expansion. Contrasting experiences which we label as bad, are for you to recognise a part of the love your self you are not acknowledging. If you do the soul work and identify this quickly, the opposing quality of creation will occur very quickly and in a state of wanting, a desire will occur.



These two words are the same one moving forward in flux the other keeping you static in belief systems carried over from previous births and conditioning’s which, when you take away the paradox of time away ….is the same thing.

Spirituality dictates that death is a transitioning not a stop. It is the only way your current life can remove resistance to your god self so as to experience life once again in a different expanded version…switching roles possibly in the same family or as part of collective, ready to fulfill a desire of healing  or to know Love on  a deeper level.

You come in with a default setting , where by repetition of old patterns keep regurgitating the same experiences. Consciousness allows for you to create consciously from a new expansive part of yourself with ease, direction and joy.

We have been born into cultures where we sell our own desires to match others through family beliefs. However you may be part of a larger mission and now is the TIME to reinforce your will. Once you consciously make this decision all other factors like family will synchronise with you as everybody is in some way moving forward in their creative self.


If you have a belief that something you desire is unattainable , ask yourself why? the very notion you have felt it intuitively shows its already in motion of manifestation.









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