The Many Faces of Your Conception


Ceramic sculpture by Johnson Tang

The faces of many which are all a part of you, are received by your parents at the point of conception. Dependent  on the point of vibration (the feeling state they are in ) when making love. This includes emotions , the point of attraction for each other….the ego, the prominence of which of the five elements ARE IN PLAY

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth,within the body are flowing in the emotional state and physical state. The season residing at the time and  the way the planets are situated in the Universe. It is all a Cosmic Dance!

Consciousness is the evolved state of the two parents. Vibrationally , how in tune they are within their Soul spiritual self and being able to see the divinity in each other.

This is the composition of the baby’s physical body which will match up to the soul identity (the higher self of the child). The spirit is the singular vibration of its journey here as the name, persona and identity according to its biological family. For it has chosen attributes of  a lineage to match its interests of which it would like to experience in this current reality on Earth.

So when the belief and desire match up within the individual self and the desire between the couple to emulate themselves once more through natures forces and Universal help. ALIGNMENT happens and a desire to copulate, mingle and make a baby through the GOD force.

This happens unconsciously for most as they are not aware of their own supernatural qualities within them.  This arises in difficulties for parents and the child. Conscious creation works with the Divine plan and raises your own vibration, ready for expansion and conscious parenting . Not form the eGo  but alignment!For those on a spiritual path, self seeking awareness. We are now in a time where the term Karma can be eradicated.

This is by consciously conceiving and pre natal awareness and soul connection. Knowing the link you have, the purpose you have with each other. Couples having trouble conceiving are usually on some sort of self discovery on a spiritual level. Not in all cases but on some level journeyed with the soul in many lifetimes and need to be in a higher vibration to receive the gifted child, as it needs certain requirements to fulfill its destination, and agreement of learning that needs to take place between them all.

The power of conscious creation is powerful , fulfilling and a journey of LOVE. Knowing and experiencing your child before you bring it into tangible reality is a gift from spirit to you. Believe and trust in the higher knowing of your soul plan. bringing the best  point of attraction for you to conceive.

If you feel and sense that it will happen then it is a sure thing.

Desire is born from an already knowing of the future… language cannot define because it is one of love, of which it has no boundaries.

It is pure unlimited awareness ever expanding in a force of flux




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