Biology of GOD



GOD is a vibrational current of love expanding through the ephemeris of you.

A celestial map of life you have created can be seen and evolved from a new point of reference, by being aligned through positive thought and feeling.

The EGO arises of what you are, your singular perspective of your name …an identity. You come onto the Earth with  a blue print from your spirit identification to mother earth. A natural phenomena of atoms and particles. The cell retains its identity through memory of lineage and the matter is altered, alive and responding to external environments, always psychologically re structuring.

The I Am is born out of time. your name , personality and repetitive patterns of behaviour. The physical body is alive and directed through the beliefs of the conscious mind. The invisible part which can be referred to as the soul, has electromagnetic properties. Between birth and death these properties exist and carry on transitioning through the ether ready for a new experience (birth).

The position of the body is directed by thoughts, as these mental patterns existed before. They merge with the new brain after birth of the baby. This could be recognised in modern language as data, which is impressed into genes and chromosomes. The identity already exists, before the form does in another dimension. Like a seed that has been planted ready to be watered and nurtured through thought, feeling and perception, in physical reality. This is the inner self, which later emerges into flesh.

Consciousness is not dependent on the physical body, it is pure awareness. It is accessed via the body through expansive awareness and extra sensory perception through meditation. This is how you access children of your future, loved ones who have passed away and other incarnations you may wish to connect with.

The idea of a body is held by the mind. General characteristics exist, the kind of body a mental constitution a physicality born of the elements. Body function mirrors thought and the form mirrors your beliefs.

Contrast is shown to you through polarity of what we define as good or bad. To determine the next experience on Earth. Before  a physical birth you have formed a mental image of what you look like, as you have chosen parents to that liking of experience you wish to undertake therefore choosing attributes to be able to perform through the body and to meet relevant souls on your journey. Validity and reality of the soul come alive through spirit.

The conscious mind has to connect to the brain therefore waits for the development of the brain. The rest is your inner being. The interior workings of the body  has to be aware of its body, muscles, tendons, and nerves. A portion of it is separate the involuntary self. This is the inter play of consciousness.

While you are physical its is the soul that heals in conjunction with the atoms and particles to re gain vitality. The soul is the eternal aspect of you, housed in matter the dense body part of you. It is the energy that shapes , molds and heals the body.

A big misconception from Religion that flesh is born of sin has been misconstrued over time through cultural hierarchy. Flesh and soul are spiritual and are both equal in Divinity and should be worshiped. They are not separate. Whilst you are living it, it is the same. The body is closer to the soul than the mind. It trusts itself it is nature. Your cells are as natural as the spirituality of your flesh, there is no division between mental, physical and spiritual. Every cell is conscious unit of the I AM.

The spirit residing in the ether is the becoming of you, the part it needs to recognise through the experience of time. A group of cells is a group of selves. You are composed of souls (past/ future lives ) one of which you are now experiencing in this conscious moment.

As time /space contracts a linear perspective. You contract to spend time here and your soul shares in events. A conscious participator in your soul. As cells multiply and grow so do selves. For value fulfillment souls are creating physical structures, ever maintaining changing with integrity, for the soul is dependent on one another, for expansion.

An individual is more than one soul, once this is recognised you realise the multidimensional self, through meditation and can draw in different aspects of yourself ,alleviate repetitive patterns to re focus and change in the ether for so called forth coming incarnations. Conscious intent creates change not fear or doubt.

The DNA is the store house of  chemical structures in the mitochondria. It is passed through information gathered over lives in pieces and portions. That is is how we have child prodigies who are gifted from birth. They remember and already posses their gift which came from another knowing in a previous incarnation.

It is a time now for conscious living, re birthing one self to birth another through idea concept and fruition.

Tap in and tune in on a marvelous marvel of a journey,, a tune played and directed by you!


(Excerpts taken from ‘The Seth Material’ which gave me a verbal understanding of what came to me via the spirit children and formation of their incarnations…which allows me to gain a perspective of working with individual parents to be from a conscious perspective).


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