Conceptual & Synapse DNA



Gene expression is determined by cellular vibration. The vibration which has been passed down from the lineage it has chosen to align with in a current lifetime. A soul chooses its parents according to the experience it wishes to undertake through that particular incarnation.

It will choose its physical body mental attributes which shine through its persona and planetary positions of its birth time and position of the elements. All these components exist within the ether known as the Akashic field of thought. These subtleties are the tanmatras fine essences of the senses. This is where consciousness resides.

The dormant gene pool is the ancestral lineage you chose through patterns of behaviour over lifetimes wishing to expand at different levels. As the conscious awareness begins and you start to live vicariously instead of the default setting you came with. The vibrational field that surrounds your DNA is also dormant, this can be activated via meditation and visualisation where a merger of your spirit connects with your higher self, which is the bigger part of you in the Quantum arena. This is the vibrational pot of desire where all your creations are stored ready to be cherry picked. This is where premonitions and intuitive thoughts come from.

A child is one of these creations. It has already taken place. You have to conceive the idea of having it to create it in this reality. Desire and intuition come from an already knowing, a sense, a gut feeling. This is because it already exists in your aura. The more you feel it, the more   it can become. Believing is seeing. This activates the magnetic pull from the ether.

The conceptual part is through cognition matching the spirit ready to come through. The belief has to match the experience. Karma is this in action. Unconscious desires play out because you have  a belief that surrounds that notion. A belief that serves you, according to you.

The law of attraction is nothing but a gravitational pull of wanting a desire unfulfilled.  Activate your higher Gene pool the one That  resides in the unified field of thought. The resistance you have is through belief which then transpires into your cells.

Change yourself, change your gene activity. Turn on the switches through epigenetics. Change your thoughts through neuroplasticity by entering the higher part of your soul self. Bring in your desire by aligning.

Realise your Alchemy!

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