Understanding the Spirit & The Soul



The Soul is the larger aspect connected to Source (GOd). It is eternal energy that moves through the ether expressing itself each time through Spirit. A condensed version in an individual body, identified with a particular persona and name. As there is no time construct beyond this planet. The soul is expresses itself in many different ways, what we label as past and future lives. It is not linear  but more cyclical in nature,therefore  going on at the same time according to our linear perspective.

The higher self is our soul and when we meditate we connect and merge with that part of which is, all that is and what some may refer to as God. The soul is referred to the higher self because it literally knows the  parts of itself and the journey its  chosen to partake in many different spirit formations.

Creation in flux.

As time does not exist in virtual reality, your creations have already happened. When a desire arises in a thought form, through the body as intuition or an epiphany . Lets say a child. It can only come from a memory, something which has already been in the ether. All these memories are stored in the Akashic records as a compilation of all that there is, all that was and all that will be. Everything in the Youniverse is vibration, as are you in this current perspective housed in a dense body. Your vibration exists outside your body in the electro magnetic field. Through meditative brainwaves you can go beyond the body and access information from this vast field which is connected to one another through mass.

This is how psychics can read a so called future. They are picking up a visual vibration from a pot of creation that you have already created. When a desire for it comes through this  current life. Your job is to align with it so it can match the vibration of you and vice versa. For it to manifest.

Receiving a child from the spirit world is an experience of consciousness in formation. Through my experience of connecting with spirit children. I can see, feel aspects of their higher knowing and also the spirit personality of the baby wanting to receive its parents. As it may reveal a name or personality traits. The higher self of the child also will show itself from its other lives or revealing its journey here that it would like to experience for its soul expansion. After all that is what this EARTH SCHOOL IS.

We choose our relationships to expand ourselves. Hence we choose our parents, siblings and throughout our life soul mates termed good or bad. To get to know our god self once again which is pure love.

The beauty of knowing your spirit baby is a sense of connecting to the inner child of yourself which sets a vibration in the emotional body to receiving. An extension of your consciousness is the child’s nature as it receives components from you as your thoughts change your reality. Thoughts turn into things. Energy transforms into matter.

I have seen beautiful experiences where i have been using my healing technique…and the child comes from another life in this reality to help its parent heal and expand to receive itself once again in this incarnation. How amazing is that!

Before a child is born  it is in a state of pure love in the  spirit world where souls are transitioning from life to Life. They can be a spirit guide to a parent because they are not in a body they are not confined to a conditioned mind. Hence in a higher vibratory state. Parents that miscarry, have still borns or the child dies young. The spirit will often be around the parents helping them from the heavens, as do other departed family members. The reasons for the early demise is revealed as a part their soul plan. This connection can help individuals that are spiritually open to help with their grief. A good book explaining this is (James Van Praaghs  Growing up in heaven). Through my work i have seen that Spirit babies often come back to the same parents. As the parents soul evolves, so does the child’s.


This blog is inspired by my relationship with my own spirit children, who have shown me and helped my soul expansion of becoming a conscious parent, should i choose to become one in this reality. It has opened my heart to another level which i didn’t know existed and made me understand and learn further the eternal validity of the soul.

Everything exists in the Now. Creation it self is amazing. Creating new life and allowing its purpose to extend to this planet for the future consciousness to arise. Being a part of the journey of the spirit with its parents ….words cannot describe

IT IS an absolute honour to be a part of…always is …and always will be!


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