Neuroplasticity The Soul & the Cell



Neuro plasticity is the New awareness in Science, understanding the correlation between mind, body, spirit. A system based on neural pathways governed by our thoughts leading to emotion and beliefs stored in the memory.

Each cell is a mini me walking around in a current vibration set to its programming, this is how it plays into the body like a recording device. Cells have their own brain known as the nucleus. activated to its own expression , a job that is has to do expressing itself to a particular organ, tissue membrane, it carries out its functionality.

Consciousness resides in each of our cells as a personality carrying traits of genetic behaviour. This is outside the body and matches the intention we have through thought to the earthly matter of the cell. The two should work in harmony. Most of the time it does according to the settings of bodily function as the heart beating and breathing which comes naturally.

So Wellness is  a natural born gift , it is innate within us. DIS EAse  comes from a patterning of thought which becomes dense as a result of repetition. This through conditioning of the mind through the family line which starts to embed itself and repeats through continuous births, same mind sets, same beliefs , same body , same personalities. a natural cloning mechanism takes shape.

A doctor  will only see sickness in you as the training is so. However a doctor who believes in Wholeness. Mind , body, spirit  will see you in wellness. Only then can you start healing from a deeper level through your consciousness which in turn presents itself through the cells, as it becomes a natural thinking state for you to be in. Focus on Solutions not Problems.

This relates to any area of your life, work, fertility , relationships. The law of physics states …what you give out is what you get back. See your body in wellness and it will start to change on the neuro level triggering new neural synapses. over periods of time this will have a lasting affect.Supported by good nutrition and exercise, the right chemical responses will take shape in accordance, to the reality presenting itself through your thought which is is the vibration of your consciousness at any given time.

Thousands of years ago Ayurveda knew this and was written in a different expression according to the laws of nature. The soul as consciousness speaks to the body by intuitive thought forms and expansion, enabling change and growth. using our brainwaves consciously can have dramatic affects leading to great health, contentment and fulfillment on all levels of life.

Home is where the heart is and expressing love for your whole self is fundamental in any healing process. The brain is a mere mechanism to function through. Used in synchronous harmony. Many health ailments, desires of conception can be met.

A Unity takes Place…. between The Soul and the Cell



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