Honouring The Divine Masculine


Surreal photography :  http://www.ingberg.com/

I write this post in honour of the divine masculine in me and my relationships with men in my life from, soul mates to kinship’s and mostly my P apa. The dance of Yin and Yang has been a reflection of human conditioning since creation itself. The two forces kinetic and passive can also be destructive and creative. A cycle of continuum. The conditioned mind sees the masculine as direct destruction. However when seen when from clarity and a centered state. You will begin to see and play with both energies in the dualistic manner it was meant to be on this earthly plane.

When i meditate i see myself, this body as a human construct of time…and as i move through the orbit of space  the sun and moon move around me like a cellular structure. The sun is my father and my moon is my mother, both are representations of my masculine and feminine energy and how they move through me as energy and channel through my personality as forces of nature both kinetic and passive. These will be shown in your astrological chart of how you relate to your parents through where your Sun and Moon are placed and there directional strength. This is the conditioned state you bought yourself forward into this life to experience unconsciously. However As consciousness prevails within you and a clarity of how you became what you are.There is room now to create a new vibrational state beyond stagnant genetics.

The solar energy within you resides in the solar plexus and defines your personal power to be projected through this life as direction, focus, intelligence, action and transformation. The moon energy is the mind, passive filter, earthly in essence and is the vortex of which the masculine comes through.

its an act of Co creation within my own body. a merging of left and right brain. As i see myself as an energy being translating through my personality in my current name status. I meet and see my acceptance of who i am and how the feminine and masculine defines me and how this energy works through this instrument. There is no one way.

every one is different it how we perceive it is how it is performed in the dance of life.

Patriarchy only exists when a woman has no sense of her personal power and who she is as a woman, not what society dictates. Therefore gives it away to man…only then to blame him for overpowering her.

You are only what you attract. always go back to your core and re define who you want to be, let the Yin move around your Yang and let it transform through the solar plexus and express it through your heart as compassion, love for yourself, humanity and your beloved. Let the energy move to your throat to express through your speech in eloquence. revering to the world who you truly are. See through your 3rd eye and expand your awareness and become the oneness with your Source through the crown. See,hear, feel your visions and bring it down to your root to manifest in the earth for we live here in the NOW.

Co create with yourself and with your partner from observing the qualities within you collectively and alone. So it can manifest powerfully, be it a child or desire.

Its time to Stop attacking and blaming the outside world for your own insecurities.See your strength in your Beloved rather than an opposing force. Work with what you have. Have Gratitude for one another.

Sexual Tantra was not an idea to just have hours of endless sex and orgasms. It was to see, feel and observe each other in divine presence. As gods and goddesses….and use the energy to transform each other and transport this energy within and through each other to access higher dimensons. Therefore empowering each other.

Become Duality !!!!

Conceive it, gestate it, bring it to fruition, give birth & APPLY…..

As i recognise my divinity as a whole only then can i see the wholeness in others..



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