The Eternal Nature of the Soul



The eternal nature of the soul is the oversoul expressing itself in many aspects. An aspect is you in this present moment  We may think this is just it. However many lives and interpretations, you have experienced to get this far. Reincarnation  is not as it seems. It is not one life after the other. So their is no re incarnation but incarnation.

During your stay on this planet you perceive yourself as separate which is known as the individual. That is because you are experiencing your soul in a time space density. One format. As you begin to become aware of your consciousness expanding through meditation, you start to see and feel a multidimensional self, void of time. These are your past and future lives being seen through your emotion in your expansive state.

Soul groups are souls you have traveled with through many lives to experience different aspects of yourself in many forms of relationships. These will include your children.

Many will be freaked by this picture as it shows Kali breastfeeding her husband. If you understand the eternal nature of the soul. It shows one relationship in many forms and nature wills you to see and experience this in many forms. Look at your relationship with your partner and children and you will begin to notice your purpose.

The multidimensional self is you split into all your lives but experiencing it through your consciousness. To know this you can merge with your higher self and create the life you want. To realise these parts allows you not to repeat conditioning’s of the mind.

The mythology behind this image was to show eternal love thorugh many a expression. To pacify Kali’s rage. Shiva came to her as a child. Overwhelmed with love as a mother figure she began to breastfeed him. Two aspects of the same being, one love expressed.

The present is the now. PRE SENT yourself now in a different point of view, this allows you to re create your being. If you were watching the movie of all your lives. To make the movie a super hit you may want to edit the frames. This is done through the editor of consciousness.

Everything is a match to your consciousness. In nature everything from food to bodily fluids matches itself. A mans semen mimics breast milk, a lot of natures flowers look like the female genitalia. Fruits and nuts mimic body organs as the nutrients from these foods nourish particular organs and tissues. The Science of Ayurveda depicts this very well. The Seers  knew this. To get the best out of our human experience is to know and understand our duality within relationships. Our self first and the correlation to the opposite sex, our children, family and others.

Know your purpose here, live it beautifully , express it in the way your soul desires

Life is meant to be lived fully to be able to transcend the body to higher knowledge.

choose your next destination for it is all a choice.

Create your reality…thoughts turn to things!


The Conscious Womb Speaks!



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