How Visualisation Affects the Body



Visualisation is a form of self hypnosis. Hypnotism is no new phenomenon we do it all the time. The power of suggestion records every event in our body, the cellular make up. If we imagine the human existence as a memory board , it has come with  a set up program, what is known as the unconscious. Each cell is a device knowing what to  do already within the body. A job providing a service to an organ or a system in place to deliver output.

All programs need updating as new technology arrives. The outer shell cannot match the software. It is not aligned. This is how the Universe works in terms of desire and belief.

The law of attraction states ‘What you give out is what you get back’

Sounds easy!

It can be once the secrets of how to utilise become known to the human being. The existing you is a part of the bigger you attached to the Universe. That bigger you knows everything your soul desires and more. The smaller human componant which is you living this life in what we call the present comes with the original setting and will live by that algorithm if not conscious.

The unconscious is a make up of beliefs set up by parental, societal and cultural conditioning’s. If we do not investigate our own truth we live by those conditioning’s and copy states of mind which result in DIS- EASe, which is nothing but a repeated thought which in turn, solidify s  in the cells creating dysfunction.  Patterns of thought through the ancestral line. The genome as the science of Epigenetics calls it.

Changing a thought, changes your reality which can help you create a life you desire. It takes you beyond this life to pull out from your source, the soul self and bring it down here to create it in a tangible form. Neuroplasticity.

When in a state of meditation you transcend the mind which allows a merger with the bigger part of you, the soul. This enhances your intuition and gives you ideas and Epiphanies. To allow fruition of these, be it a baby or a passion. Change your ideas around conceiving it. It is the emotion which creates  a vibration in the body, that is when you feel it and  begin to act it and action it in everyday behavior like you already have it.This means it is closer to becoming a reality. The Universe will give you synchronicities like meeting the right people, finding the suitable surroundings. having the right body to  allow conception of a baby. Everything is a vibrational match in the YOU niverse.

Learn to feel your way through life and use heart brain synchronicity. SO to let the esoteric messages from the Universe be filtered through the brain….and change the algorithm to allow your desire to come through. When you try to create from a place of desperation the vibration you give out is just that, and unfortunately that is what you will get back. Go back a few steps and create  a new you with a mind set and emotion of receiving with joy. to do that find joy in everything you do. You cannot be rich if you do not FEEL RICH. that’s not always monetary.

Visualisation is a good tool to start picturing and mind mapping your desire. As it forms an image which is dense in quality and gets recorded in your memory. The more you do this, it gets imprinted in the brain and heart  through new neural pathways, which reveals itself through genetic behavior and your cells will start  to act differently to match the desire.

Altered brainwaves throughout the day are all self hypnosis tools. Meditation is not just for sitting in pose quietly. Its an active conscious exercise. A focus on anything for some time will be a meditation. done in  a relaxed state ..being centered. has huge benefits to the health but also increases your lateral thinking, secretes Oxytocin, the love making hormone. So make love to your own soul!

Being euphoric all day is possible…rise above negative thought.

After all it is just that  A THOUGHT!!!

And BECOME the desire you want….




  1. So true! Beautifully written and explained metaphysics and synchronicity.
    A hearty thank you for reminding us about positive thoughts and how our thoughts reflect in our life, not only our souls but others surrounding us. Thereby, giving a knock off effect on them – Reflection.
    Visualisation in a bigger picture with a helicopter view bringing about good thoughts may take you further than you think.
    “Wherever you walk the universe walks with you
    “Whenever you smile you make your stay on earth a celebration…”


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