Love…Lust & God


Love Lust  & God ……….There is no separation. It is all divine, oneness and Unity. A disconnection to ourselves is the disconnection to Source (God). To deny any part of us is to deny the co creative aspects of human kind.

Duality exists, Yin Yang ..light dark …male female. Polarity. To remain in this reality through your spiritual essence is to realise and embrace all parts of this and stay in the middle point. A Balance state.

Sacred sexuality is a merger between the body, mind and spirit, the journey of self discovery is knowing your body and how it correlates to your emotions  (energy in motion). Alignment with yourself first is to attain peace, joy, passion and creativity. an expansion of the energy centres, which gives rise to deeper intuition and  a knowing language cannot define.


Alignment is when this all comes together and you know your purpose, you feel fulfilled, healthy and have motivation for life itself and no other reason. The BLISS mode. The breath is the key to the unfolding of this life force or sexual energy and releasing resistance to the movement of it. The only thing preventing the flow of this life force is our belief systems and conditioning of the mind.

Religion and culture have bought a huge undertone of shame to the very essence that brings life into this world. this shame is now resulting in many reproductive cancers, growths and distortion of self image. the beauty that once resided in the creative act of making love has been diminished into closet state.

Everything in awareness is of beauty without judgement. Addiction causes depletion, Awareness rises to expansion.

The Vigyan Bhairava Tantra is a compilation of a 112 ways to be in awareness through everyday life, from making love to drinking coffee. Adhi Yogi Shiva taught his consort Parvati  these 112 ways to meditate. These can be applied to consciousness in day to day activities. An understanding of feeling centred. Going beyond polarity. Whether its through making love or just being in love with yourself, is when manifestation occurs as the unconditional self emerges. This is Vibration and when LAw of attraction yields.

You can only love another, once you have truly felt love for yourself.

Life itself then becomes a MEDITATION.





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