Intuition is the Soul Speaking

Bald is beautiful


The soul speaks to us in many different ways . What is known in human terms as intuition is in fact our true selves. Inspired thought is one of fruition and knowledge to a higher degree of wisdom. Logic can be used to interpret and transfer this information and filter it into the cellular make up of human kind.

Much of creation is developed like this and the highest  ideas in development of technology comes from the super power of the brain acknowledged by you.

It is often spoken metaphorically for human comprehension to break apart and understand his own pathway in like, for expansion purposes. To conceive a child many  a road can be taken when in confusion. Of which is called now infertility. However this can be alleviated through understanding the self in these terms of endearment. LOVE.

The Sub conscious is at play disguised as Consciousness. The everyday behaviour , thoughts and action. To centre yourself and be void of such notions and create from the space.  A new paradigm of existence can be had. An existence in a human body, through processing through the Limbic brain is one of the heart, brain synchronicity.

Emotion, being and resonance.

In tu ition is a gateway to higher perspective of the self and a great insight into the Universe ready to call back to you the knowing you have been born with.

New generations to come will have this knowing and stay with it and will not be conditioned into a state of unknowing. Breaking old paradigms of thinking is ready to be held by all,as huge transitions need to take place within systems of prison held thought. A metaphor for freedom needing to take place now.


The soul is not an energy form tied to one body it is a series of multidimensional beings choosing to experience itself through a body at one time known to you.

You are a body experiencing your SOUL!!!!


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