Your Desires are your Virtual reality

2016-07-01 20.30.07


Virtual reality

A world of escapism, travelling to a zone of much required relief. Is it a new concept?


Tapping into our own technology allows us to see our virtual realities in the form of desire. What the mind conjures up in images comes from the imagination and creative play begins. This shows an individual the current creative ability within ones self.

Hospitals are now using virtual reality, to help patients heal and realising the benefits of it. Through the head set images of nature and healing environments are shown. This takes the brain into right brain activity and triggers the immune response of self healing which is the bodies innate tendency. It also creates new neural pathways to form, inducing healing way after the headset is not worn. The emotions change which triggers the neuro biology of the heart.

The synchronicity of the heart and brain activity is vibration. Consciousness at play.

The apparatus may be new, but the system is ancient. When the mind slows down and the breath synchronised, it allows hypnogogic suggestion through alpha/ beta brainwaves. The body naturally will start to heal. A new level of creative ability within arises and contentment will set in.

When we do not understand our consciousness we are missing out on virtual reality creation. The universe speaks to us in many ways, we just fail to recognise  this, as logic sets in and dismissal occurs. It stems from the lack of value we have for our own power. Most people are not afraid of their fear, they fear their own capability of success through lack of confidence.

Children know this already and use their imagination immensely and naturally in the way it is supposed to be used, as they are naturally in Alpha and receptivity. THEY ARE CONNECTED. A hotline to universal consciousness. It reminds me of the film BIG where Tom Hanks is hired as the Adult with his child self coming up with innovative ideas for Toys.

Self love is not a word that is fluffy, it is when an individual feels inspired, aligned, centered and happy, not because of outward possessions or relationships but just a bliss for existence, exactly like children.

Like a breath of fresh air…

Tap into the virtual reality of your life and create your visions…much like a child at play!


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