Correlation between Innovation & Consciousness

light bulb moment


Consciousness is the expansion of awareness. Awareness is where the Light bulb moment happens. The misconception of the mind conceiving, is only the tip of the ice berg so to speak. The brain is a filter for information to pass through, a mechanism a device. The mediator between you and your expansion.

However, the brain cannot feel. It creates pathways known for messages to pass through triggering synapses. Emotion arises from the heart, not the pumping muscle we think of in the tangible state. But the essence of it. The mind speaks volumes in it’s critical tone convincing us of being limited in possibilities that lay within our consciousness. This will be disguised as the EGO. Dragging us back to fear and the conditioned mind.

The breath is our gift it governs our life force. Described as Prana or Qi in Eastern traditions. It  enables us to be in a receptive mode when used consciously. This brings a stillness.

What we call meditation.

In this day and age one persons meditation will not be the same as another. Anything you focus on in a relaxed manner brings you into a meditative state as it slows the brain waves and delta alpha starts to begin.

Focus known as Drishti in Yogic terminology is one pointed focus. It allows you to channel ideas, Epiphanies, creativity from your consciousness through to your brain and heart and becomes a feeling, a vibe, a knowing. It does not matter where it comes from. It is all energy in its expansive form. Allowance of it, enhances it. Bringing your mind into it, constricts it. As you try to bring logic in, it restrains…. which will not suffice in these creative moments.

So those of you who think you do not meditate …

Think again!

Life is a meditation. It is our perception of it that kinda kills it. As you imagine sitting with your eyes closed in a particular pose or in orange robes.

Take the thought away from it as being a religious construct or a hippy notion…voila no perception just state of being and there you go that’s a meditation.

When a sports person is playing a game he/she is in meditation. When a mother, not distracted  is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there is a delta wave occurring. Secreting amazing Oxytocin into her body.

Which boils down to love in which ever expression you choose to feel it …a relationship, a project or just BEING.

After all we are HUMAN BEINGS. There is no mistake in Language.

Allowing the Innovation to be evoked within you to. Be receptive and have clarity.

Set the tone and Vibration of joy whichever excites you the most and let it BEGIN!

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