The Re emerging Self

the higher self

What you imagine yourself to be,is not the same reality at every moment. A new you, re emerges every time a thought occurs creating a new neural pathway and vibration. Life is an animation  existing of mental frames of consciousness. This allows the power of creation to be utilised in its magnificence from the space of requirement.

The conditioned self remains static through resistance. The only person stopping yourself from creating your world is YOU! when this comes to our realisation it can be seen as woeful or a release to a new freedom. This is exactly what ancestral memory is ….belief systems carried through psychic matter which then transpires into physical DNA vibrating at the level of thought residing within you at the time of conception.

The answer to creation whether it is good health, fulfillment or a baby is …


Past conditionings can be altered from a present understanding of the self as an unfolding of consciousness revealing itself through new windows at every given moment. After all the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Any healing modality chosen, gives rise to consciousness allowing a present state of being from which tangible desires can present themselves. This can feel strange at first because we are so used to being affiliated with something, particularly our families, Partner etc.

the truth and beauty is that once we are aligned with ourselves, our creativity flows and inner guidance prevails. This is the feeling state, this is what makes us who we are. This is wholeness. Nothing else can complete you except you…

Being in touch with how we feel creates our reality, we are emotional beings here to make connections for our own soul expansion.

Learn to be IN touch and feel your existence…. and be FULFILLED in any endeavour you wish to undertake and excites you the most…


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