Your Cells Mimic your Vibration



Our cellular make up vibrates according to our thought patterns. The thoughts that are repeated over and over again become a belief. The belief, then passes on through are system. The system being our DNA.

Each cell expresses its own identity according to its environment. It is a Conscious unit of time and space. The nucleus acts like the brain and the mitochondria is the powerhouse of change. Our cells are made up of matter and our consciousness is a separate energy body working in unison.

Through birth we bring along psychic DNA as memory through the ether which expresses itself through the cell and acts on it relative to our beliefs that we have stored up through ancestral ties. A family may have conceived a belief Pattern which runs through each person born into this Genome. It can lay dormant and not affect some but may manifest as disease in others simply through lifestyle thought and fear in the unconscious. The body then responds by physically corresponding with the unconscious and follows the same route. These are known as hereditary conditions.



We are living in the age of the Quantum mania, a definition of the bigger picture. The science of epigenetics and the known fact that we are all connected in the unified field of thought. Leads us into 5th dimensional thinking. The soul self or connection to our higher self through expansion and unison of the physical and emotional bodies. Meditational Yoga allows this expansion unity to take place and healing of the body through changing thought patterns and adjusting this to vibrate through your feeling state, which enables healing on the cellular level to manifest. Consciousness is expressed through the heart and not the brain. A  synchronicity of heart and mind is a powerful bridge to bring vibrational harmonics in the body. The status of good health can be achieved as the immune response is triggered and bloomed.

The life force (prana or qi) that runs through our bodies is consciousness expressing itself as oxygenation. It can determine how much vitality we have to live in awareness. The chakras are energy vortices which correspond to the nerve plexuses in the body and determine the secretion of the  right hormones.

Awareness is a state of being, beyond genetic inheritance. An expansion to knowing your higher self….this is relative to your psychic DNA and can alter behavioral patterns for generations to come.

My teachings through the therapy i do takes the client into various brain waves to trigger the healing response of the heart, body and forms a relationship with the higher self. So the client can start to live these methods and heal themselves through health and emotional issues that occur.

During energy healing and visualisation the body shifts from alpha to delta allowing the life force to move through and create new neural pathways by removing old limiting beliefs of oneself. These are all images created through the conditioning we are bought up with and information we are spoon fed that takes us away from our natural creative self and conjures up a societal figure of what we think we should be, void of love and affection.

Apha induces a hypnotic state where we can receive information from our higher self  in a deep relaxation where the sub conscious cannot interfere. Children are often in this state of absorption until the age of around 6. They are like sponges…and connected to source more than adults.

Beta is the state of fight or flight, it produces adrenaline and cortisol which is good short term for reaction, as it acts as a defense. Long term however it produces a lot of strain  and stress on the body and creates illness. Most people are in this beta mode as they are living in fear and regret of the past.

Delta is a muscle relaxant and is present during our sleep and when having a massage, it alters the microbiome by detoxifying. It produces Melatonin and DHEA , allowing regeneration of cells  and growth to occur.

The 5th dimension arrives  when THeta and Gamma come into play.

The MAGIC begins to happen!

Theta opens us up to the Quantum arena it is the imagination field. This leads to expansion and knowing our higher self. Children revert to this state all the time, hence they are happy. Healing  happens on a deep level through our consciousness to our cells directly. We can experience past lives here and alter the past through present. As time does not exist beyond this earth point.

Gamma is the creme de la creme of awareness the producer of the love hormone Oxytocin. This is our GOdself void of discrimination, judgement and hatred.

Only love!!!

makes sense … we produce oxytocin when we make love through orgasm, (alignment of the self). Breastfeeding produces oxytocin a delta wave occurs between mother and child. Giving a hug. ….Love itself !

The bliss in Samadhi !

In our daily lives we go in and out of these states of consciousness. unknowingly. When we learn to use them on a conscious level we can eliminate the old, bring in the new …

And create what we desire….

So the message is  #GETGAMMA #GETHEALED



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