The Universe Speaks in Metaphors

The metaphoric universe



As your spiritual journey begins and you start to meditate. An expansion occurs within you and you begin to recognise the oneness of your clarity of the perception you have of everyday life.

Visions and coincidences are reflections of your beliefs and your creation in motion. The Universe starts communicating and speaks through imagery or auditory faculties within you. This is labelled intuition. There are many variations to this and it will vary for an individual according to one’s receptivity and allowance. This is when belief systems play a huge part. Your senses will be heightened for you to become a receiver…much like a radio antenna, looking for a frequency to match yours.

Everything is magical when we are young our imagination is at its peak until it is drummed out us by logical thinking parents, caregivers and the school system. No one tells you that it is the fundamental bridge between the higher and lower self and much needed for any desire to turn into tangible manifestation in this reality we live in.

The whole point of life was to fulfill desires otherwise we would cease to exist.

The fairy tales i read gave me much joy, because they were based on love. The magic of the fairies existing at the bottom of the garden. The Mythology i grew up watching and being told stories of wondrous things to which the mind could not perceive, but i  still  believed in something higher, even though language wouldn’t do it justice, i just knew and talked to my perception of God all the time.

The story of Yashoda,  Krishna’s mother asking him to open his mouth after he had eaten clay, to tell him off. As you do…..

As he did, he revealed his magnificent glory as he revealed the universe. There after his mother fainted as she could not believe what she was seeing.


Never under estimate what  a child is trying to tell you. They are connected to source. Their imaginary friends are real. By trying to fit them into what you think is reality, is removing them from love itself. This is when the separation starts to occur within them, and begin to regard source, god, higher power as something outside of you.

All is not lost….

When a practice of meditation starts, this union begins once more …more commonly known a s YOGA  these days. UNION. Not the bendy stretchy kind. There seems to be a huge misconception of what Yoga really is these days, it is not an exercise just for anti aging and getting a tight butt! that is just aesthetics.

I am speaking of ….The creme de la creme often described as Raja Yoga. (King of Yoga). Mastering the mind. Becoming the filter of universal oneness and love beyond your comprehension, only felt when the heart is truly opened without expectation and becomes unconditional.

The guidance that comes from a higher place shows us in pictures that we may not at first understand and that is because we go into thinking mode. When we take a step back and listen from the heart you will break open the metaphor and see the hidden message behind it.

This takes practice, comprehending your intuition, however i am learning that it can be fun! It is like sieving the wheat from the chaff.

Taking the blinkers off so you can see!!! your own truth

taking off the blinkers

For me this image portrays, not to be blinded by ones own ego perception of the self.

Practice the art of listening and feeling your intuition. It should always feel good, from a place of love and no doubt what so ever. That is the guidance you should follow within you. There are many guides in the form of spirit ready to help.


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