Infertility. The Spiritual Perspective

something i can never have

Something i can never have (Image from: infertilty series )

Something i can never have i was told…

Why i asked myself?….

because the doctors told me i was insufficient, broken and a non creator.

Any pain or un-manifested desire is a resistance within oneself. Our creative side is stifled by an outside occurrence as we see it, circumstances within our control but cannot fathom why it has not happened. The most natural thing in the world, which seems so easy for others.

Why not me????

The wounds of my soul speak as my aching womb longs to be held…



These images are from the Infertilty series. Moving images portraying the feeling of infertilty. Robin Spalding a conceptual art photographer.

Infertile the doctors say. What does that even mean. The incapacity to conceive a child through the act of sex, hormonal imbalances , the unability to receive, a hostile cervix. Numerous biological references will play into the mix and hundreds of tests, poking prodding and self esteem being diminished day by day as guilt magnifies and resentment sets in. A failure, a broken cog in the wheel of life…

Every thought we have comes from spirit, our soul self the broader perspective which is beyond our physical body. These filter through the brain into our bodies and correlates with our organs and cellular system. This is how the body then behaves according to the instructions given…the DNA expression. We create our own lives. The challenges we face are to recognise this and rise within to find and rediscover ourselves in many ways, sometimes inconceivable to the human eye.

Through the work i do, the women is always perceived as the failure within the relationship when a child is not present and is often she who seeks my help while the man takes himself out the equation. Through conditioning, men would rather live in a state of fear as talking about themselves and going deeper feels like too much… God forbid they should cry!!!

When a couple unites through love, marriage a partnership. This happens energetically on the spiritual plane and is resonant to your own expansion of your soul. They become an energy matrix. When a child is thought of, it is the will of their souls to emulate once again and co create and expand themselves beyond themselves.

The label infertility is not  correct terminology. We are all creators , we would cease to exist otherwise.

I would paraphrase that, to a resistance to myself in the creative process. When a child is not conceived. A deeper investigation into oneself or the relationship between the couple is needed. It is usually a case of self nurturing needs to found within, before you can give to another. We live in a vibrational universe  and everything that happens to you is a match to the vibrational state you are in at that time, the desire is set. Which then appears in actual reality.

What you give out, is what will be received. Some call it karma, i call it an act of GRACE. As this will give you an opportunity to see your own magnificence. It is about aligning with the desire intended.

To call a child into the vortex of creation, letting go of the resistance within you is needed , the layers of unconscious removed and divine trust that all is well and divine timing will take place . When you tap into your vibrational creativity through meditation, you will begin to see, feel and hear your creation and be inspired to take the next step as you heal the wounds past for a new forbearing to occur.




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