Listen to your feelings

ear fetus

Our feeling state gives us indication of our emotions. The perception we have through our vision is a vibrational match to the emotion that stirs up inside, for us to react.

Yet we bring thinking into it …..

and dissolve the heart for thinking, as we are trained to use the mind to feel. which cannot physically happen. Children naturally think from the heart, they say and act out exactly how they feel moment to moment. A vision of pure innocent perception of universal concepts. From the minute of conception they partake in a myriad  of emotions in their energy field of which they have chosen to experience.

As adults we are so conditioned to listen to logic, we forget how to really feel and go with that feeling state. Hence we condition our children to do the same and then send them to an institution where they are conditioned further to be removed from themselves.

A cloned experience of time…

Consciousness brings us to a state of allowing, a feeling, a thought as a wave of that consciousness for intuition to expand and generate the notion of knowing. That gut feeling people talk of …the first dress you see and love and because it is so right, the mind conjures up a million excuses that it cannot be right… you need to look more. then you spend hours looking for the same really in a different guise knowing all along the first one was right. Sound familiar?????


because we do not trust ourselves. Through meditation we can tap into our inner child and feel all over again what it feels like to be in resonance with the self before conditioning of the mind took place. Flexible and free from form and subjectivity. This is the reset button ….the zero point of creation and expansion of intuitive forces already active within you.

Remember how it feels to be able to say how you feel and not to say how you think you should feel.

when we listen to our hearts, it is a joyful expression of our truth. Be in touch with it and experience life through your inner child’s eyes.

Feel the excitement…..and your intuitive self will guide you to the next step of your desire…

all you have to do is LISTEN!!!



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