I am more than my body


hope fabio selvatici

My body is a mere vessel for the pouring of my broader perspective. A filter of which my desires can be manifested. The emphasis we put into our bodies is so magnificent compared to what we should put into our state of being and feeling.

It is only through the feeling state one achieves daily what s/he wants, the thought is only the by product from the muscle we call a brain. It acts as a filtering mechanism to project a thought from which action occurs.

It all stems from the root of feeling , yet we are taught from childhood to think first. Consciousness is energy which resonates to a feeling from the heart, an awareness of something. This is your expansive state, a nothingness from which everything can happen. This can be compared to the black hole referred to in Quantum physics. Through meditation this can be experienced as the ego starts to dissolve and the unlimited self begins to shine through.

An emergence of listening.

To what one may ask?

To the self, the higher self, the broader perspective…

Your higher self is the part of you in co creation with All that is/ Source or God. It is called higher self because it is not contained in a body. It sees through the eyes of consciousness and guides your desires to a bigger expansion of which you cannot perceive.

Expansion to connect with the higher self comes through stillness of the mind, and breath awareness. A centralised mode of reception, where you are neither  man or  woman, animate or inanimate, just a pure vessel of creation and being.


There is no mistake in language if we look closely enough, the universe speaks to us all the time ….

We just need to listen and trust our inner guidance.


Through the silence of a bigger understanding we can get past the exterior and …

Go BEYOND…to which our soul is always seeking…

Existence is far beyond this planet

Seek and you shall find!


Great artwork by: Fabio Selvatici (Images from http://www.fabioselvatici.com/works.php?id=8287ad92ae20a561dad2713b6fc6ea32#.Vqn9TiqLTNM )

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