Sex & Resonance



When i started to view sex from a vibrational standpoint, a definition of a pure energy form coordinating with another form of energy,  a Resonance of two oscillating systems vibrating together. Sexual energy resides within ones self , the purest material of substantiality.

The two go together in matching harmony, what i call  universal harmonics. Aligning with your true nature is the most powerful component one can obtain. When we  feel aligned, we feel inspired, happy and creative. Out of alignment causes depression , confusion, illness and lack of clarity.

Each cell that resides in us has its own powerhouse, biologically named the mitochondria. Each one has its own personality as it is conscious and aligned with the laws of nature and the universe. These are components of manifestation whether it is a child or material desires.

Through meditation we become aligned with ourselves through our own sexual energy being activated. Some refer to this as Kundalini. This energy purges the unwanted and reveals the true self, one of love devotion and pure awareness void of judgement of anything or anyone. This complies for  a broader perspective of knowing you are bigger than this human life.

Sex is such a powerful tool because if you don’t experience oneness any other time that is the time you do. The orgasmic state is the euphoric oneness you feel for yourself, it is when you have become one with the universe and the death of the ego occurs. Equanimous reunion takes place at this moment in time. Hence it feels magnificent as this is the most expansive and creative mode you can be in and connected to your inner being. This is the reason the sexual act produces children.

Relationships are so wonderful in the beginning for this very reason. You don’t find fault in each other because you see the positives only. The height of love and positivity. This actually shows the love you feel within yourself and reflects outwards in a mirror reflection, your partner, hence the universe  matches you up vibrationally and  a meeting takes place. Slowly as expectations rise within you, you begin to feel your partner should compensate for your own insecurities and slowly each one starts to see the lack in each other, when really you are seeing the lack within yourself. A dissolution of the relationship usually occurs…..

And you begin to seek another….the same happens again WHY?

Because you are really seeking yourself. No one else can complete you except you. Once this can be fulfilled you will find yourself in  a harmonious relationship with another! in all areas of life be it a partner in love, work or families.

Great yogis, philosophers, poets write and sing of love ….love of the self

& when this occurs…

Bliss and primal resonance exists.




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