Spirit Babies



Spirit is a topic people avoid as they scared of the notion of the non physical.

We reside in a universe weaved of textural components. We are one in this matrix. The children we create and give birth to are streams of consciousness which are an extension of you through DNA. Before a child decides to come into this earthly plane. A whole lot of unconscious planning has been taking place, often unseen by the untrained eye.

A desire begins to build to create  a child between two people through desire and intuition. It is this intuition that is coming from the non physical, the unspoken truth. Vibrationally everything exists beyond time space reality. A huge energy pool from which you pick to match your own vibrational frequency in this time space reality. All is a continual eternity and the stops we make are our birth into a physical body, which we label as a lifetime.

When some one close to us dies, especially a child. It is  a very painful experience. Losing a baby through miscarriage or still born or in the early years leaves us questioning and harboring self blame.

The truth is,the soul contract you made with this child soul before its birth was the time span  you had agreed upon. This is in the soul memory and not in every day conscious awareness. The same goes for abortion. There is no blame on any part. When a miscarriage takes place the agreement of leaving the body so soon is the amount of time the child has decided upon and that is the experience it has chosen. It will also be a match to the parents desire on  an unconscious level, usually not being ready to be a parent on some level. Therefore this event takes place.

The soul is always on an evolving mission. I have seen through my work that the child that chooses to leave through miscarriage often decides to be reborn and come back to the same parents. The match is, where the souls of the parents have also evolved to that state of being to receive again and sustain a pregnancy.

Losing a baby is painful because it becomes a part of you. It resides in your DNA at cellular level. This is called Rnanubandha in yogic and eastern philosophies. The body may die but the memory remains in the cell as you.

Spirit baby consciousness is a journey of self discovery where you tap into your own creative source of expansion. It can help to resolve the grief within you of lost ones and open up insights into your own consciousness.


(Image source unknown. if known pls contact to tag reference)

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