Creativity & Expansion




Creativity and expansion comes from the time space reality we live in. Our present perspective guides us into a knowing that cannot be logically explained. Language becomes a barrier.

Desires are unfulfilled manifestations of previous past. What becomes may exceed what we had envisaged, as it arrives through our higher self. Our soul speaks through our imagination, our doing and leads us to a path that is ever evolving.

A tangible manifestation in this physical density is an accumulation of thought, desire and surrender. The desire starts to realise itself through ideas and perception, an unconscious patterning develops and steps are taken accordingly. A synchronistic harmony takes place,which is reflected in your outer world, otherwise known as coincidences. At this stage the Universe is showing you possibilities of your desired outcome according to your vibration and with whom and what you resonate with. You begin to feel that you are in the right place at the right time, you met the right person or a question you had in your mind has been answered without you physically asking.

The gap between thought and manifestation is the expansive state. It is the space (ether) in which all possibilities lay. This space occurs through meditation. The breath is controlled through a relaxed state of being, and various brain waves pave the way for altered states of consciousness. Intuition begins to develop, a deep sense of knowing your truth and what is right for you.

The more you can engage in creative activity, the more your intuition develops. Artists are often deep in their thinking because they use their right brain more naturally. When it gets suppressed it can cause depression, as it is going against their natural order. Being  a co creator is being one with source, God or higher power, whichever definition suits you.

Children are natural co creators, they are linked to their emotions and speak their truth. When they are engaged in creative learning. A natural expansion within them takes them to their next level. They evolve to their natural order. If parents start to condition them through what they see as fitting into societal norms. Behavioral problems start to arise, because a compression is taking place within and they are not be able to express it overtly. What is seen as bad behaviour is a child acting out the vibration of the parents inner world, which they may not be aware of on a conscious level. However if you see your children as your mirror reflection you will understand your own vibration. If a child is feeling disconnected, a parent, caregiver or teacher should be able to help raise the vibration within the child and understand the root cause of the feeling or acting out. As the real problem lays within the disconnection to the self.

As energy moves through each of us what we feel effects others and determines what we attract into our lives. When we consciously expand beyond our imagination, beautiful manifestations occur through our timeless state.

Use your desire and imagination as the starting point of your creation and let the rose bud bloom within you by the art of SURRENDER .

This is the GAP


Be PRESENT…….and

Enjoy the oneness of MANIFESTATION


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