My INner CHild


Our Inner child is not something we are encouraged to explore, as it is seen as regressing to the past and not living in the present where manifestation can take place. As we meditate on the ‘I Am’ which takes us into a timeless zone where no previous exists, only the current vibrational space where a nothingness allows capacity to form a new. Not influenced by our thought processes.

The Unconscious, a memory bank or as Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body, can reveal a lot about what belief systems we hold onto according to our family upbringing, in utero experience and other peers in our life. This shapes our destiny and molds our thoughts into limitations we have put upon ourselves, because we feel that is the only way. If you were subjugated to punishment as a child and rewarded only for certain things or bribery technique like ‘if you eat your greens, i will love you!’ . Your whole life becomes a reward and punishment system as you feel that’s the only way to receive love.

You start to map out your life accordingly to that algorithm. To love yourself and feel worthy of existence on this planet without conditioning is joy. How many of you can love your child one day without expecting anything back? or not using that line ‘You have got to learn otherwise you will be a failure!’

Everything we expect from our child is what was expected from us as a child. So our focus becomes entangled in the lack of self worth, we don’t recognise or want to as it causes a vulnerability in us, we would rather not face, which then projects outwards in our relationships as adults. Expectations become huge and a race in life becomes a living not being.

Our inner child is our being that needs to be nurtured especially if any childhood trauma existed. It is re-parenting yourself in an existence you would like to live in. We are a product of our collective experience, take the experiences away and make a new one. It is a powerful technique, one i used on myself when i saw a future projection of my future child having the same emotion i did when i was a toddler, to which then, my present self held myself as my child self and told myself a different story of unconditional love and that it was ok to express my emotion and not suppress it. When we change a reality from the past it no longer exists in our current vibration and cannot re manifest itself in the future. This technique is also used in conscious conception.

The cross that Jesus had to bear is the ‘I’ crossed out as the wise J Krishanmurti stated. Once we take the ‘I’ away from ourselves and realise that everything that effects us, effects all the people around us vibrationally as we are all connected. So when we work on ourselves it helps not only ‘I’ but your family, friends and  the whole of existence.

Collectively we can heal the planet! and make it a joyful being…

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