The conscious womb course

The Conscious WombOur experiences in the womb during our mother’s pregnancy has an impact and forms impressions in our mind through the unconscious. Hence we repeat unknowingly our parent’s patterns and become conditioned. For women this is especially important as we give birth to future generations. In psychology it is called perinatal experiences. In Sanskrit we call them Vasanas.

The workshop i taught on the 18th April included in utero visualisation. For those of you who have not experienced this, it’s a bit like hypnotherapy. This accesses the unconscious memory we have. The results were very interesting and some amazing healing took place!

My next workshop will be focused on this to heal what is known as the mother wound. There will be maximum 8 people, as this allows space and time for discussion and healing to take place. There will be a course of 4 sessions of this healing commencing 9th May.

If there is you are interested pls contact me on my email

Session 1- healing the mother wound, entails going back to in utero to see what conditioning or distress you may have had in the womb. Forgiveness and detachment, to move forward and be present.

Session 2- Inner child work, entails going back to any childhood trauma or negative experiences. Re parenting one self

Session 3- Shadow work- looking at our ego side and how to balance it.

Session 4- Intention and manifestation- through the womb portal, creating the life you desire, business, baby, soulmate.

Last but the most important revealing the INNER GODDESS within you!

The first session is on the 9th May 2015 3pm- 6pm further dates will be arranged according to the group, and will be discussed on the 9th.

Tara Yoga Centre

25-35 Ironmonger row

London Islington

Old Street


£50 per session and a deposit of £25 to be paid by 30th April to confirm a place

8 people maximum.

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