Power or Empowerment?


Image: swarooproy.deviantart.com

How would you define the word Shakti? It is used a lot, in the context of Power…..

Not in the way you may think!

I suppose you could define it as ancient feminism, but not in the way some modern feminism is portrayed today, against the divine masculine. The issue with some feminist ideals is that it forgets its original form and behaves exactly like what its fighting against without knowing and fuels the male patriarchal society we live in. Whats the point!


Our masculine and feminine deity resides in us in the form of our left and right hemispheres of the brain. The  Sun and Moon, Shiv/Shakti  or Energy and Matter. The practice of Yoga unifies the two to be able to go beyond duality should one wish to. You cannot have one without the other , unless you go beyond this space/time paradigm.

So those of you who operate through the left brain dominantly, me being one of them, start to embrace the softer, intuitive side. The warrior spirit defined by the red goddess in you is a hard worker, perfectionist always striving for goals, self criticising and in a space of judgement, but harnessed the right way the power of your drive can be used through the right brain and diluted in a softer approach with a warrior spirit behind it. The right brain  dominant woman. The white goddess, a depiction of the romantic intuitive, fluid in her thoughts and body. She glides through the winds of time and loves unconditionally.

An Ayurvedic analogy of the Fire (left brain) and water (right brain). Pitta the dosha of fire and water reveals a dilution and mergence of the two forces working together, a harmonious strength and fluidity. Kapha the dosha of Water and Earth solidifies your existence and stability of psychological and physiological growth, and the beauty of Vata, air and space which governs all movement of  space/ time within the bodies cellular system and in our outer existence.

So harnessing this Shakti does not come from a place of ego and fear but from a place of Love. The passion and fire is bought within by connecting to the divine feminine in you, to be who you want to be, by embracing the divine masculine within you too. This reflects how you feel about the male relationships in your life , be it a partner or a father.

So see the word Shakti as as your EMPOWERMENT not POWERFUL!!!!!!!!

Love it and ENJOY IT!!!!!!!

Some artwork i like in celebration of Shakti:

Balance-300x255           Image:http://blog.totalauthenticity.com/the-dance-of-masculine-and-feminine/

Another blog defining the voice of male and female aspects of our self.

kundalinii Image: http://ainaparamkamalkaur.com/tag/kundalini-yoga-2/

Adi_Shakti,_the_Supreme_Spirit_without_attributes    Image:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adi_Parashakti

Chinnamista         Image:http://sivasakti.com/articles/tantra/chinnamasta-art153.html

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