Recycling is a process of turning old remnants into new ones, once the original has been used to its maximum potential. This is the process of reincarnation if you believe in it?

The soul carries a subtle personality with it through the ether after each body, it was housed in on this earthly plane, to then look for a suitable carriage again to express the desires it has left. Once desires have ceased, the desire to be reborn no longer exists. Unless there is  a specific need or a wish to start all over again. These desires can be described as samskaras, vasanas, or imprints, a memory stored in the body which likes to play over again. They have a vibration which pull you back each time to this earthly density.

The souls ultimate desire is to be liberated and free from attachments, this is transcendence  its original form of all that is, which some may call God, or an infinite energy of oneness and bliss.

Polarity exists here to experience the lesser to be able to know more. You cannot understand light without experiencing darkness. You don’t know what hot is till you have experianced cold. You can’t rise up till you are down. So the soul journeys through lives to gain an understanding of polarity through duality.

We choose the journey through our consciousness and when the decision to be born into physicality through a body, we choose to separate from this higher self and forget and live unconsciously. Its a good job too! If one was to remember every lifetime it would be like torture. During each lifetime we create patterns of behavior which we relish sometimes, so we keep deciding to do it again and again…..

A conscious living starts through awareness, which really is staying present to each moment, so even this morning is the past. Easily said then done! Through a meditation practice we can reach a neutral zone where neither the left or the right brain dominates our personality, we are just being, not male or female. Meditation eradicates the memory of past from the body, to be able to function from a level of pure awareness, not from the ego state.

These imprints choose our next experience, hence we choose who to meet in a particular lifetime, because the frequency of these imprints matches theirs. These can be known as soul groups or families and friends.Rupert Sheldrake writes about morphic fields and morphogenesis. A repetition of nature. An analogy for soul groups. very interesting!

I chose the image of Kali ma above because as a child i was always scared of her but still fascinated, as she looks fierce and i could not quite understand the Shiv/Shakti paradigm. Through my meditation practice i began to get memories of my past lives, its not something i consciously did and i would not advise it unless you are of a certain awareness where you do  not get attached to what you see. They are just memories! however, when questioning aspects of your current life that are not moving forward or an illness, by knowing where this pattern or trait comes from, it can be healed quicker. I would suggest for you to go to a recommended healer, if you wish to pursue past life regression.  Kali ma is usually depicted as destructive. This is a rare image of her showing compassion breastfeeding her HUSBAND, yes i know bit pervy…… you may think!….or is it?

There is always a bigger picture in Hinduism all gods/goddesses are symbolic of the unconscious and conscious mind. A deity that you pray to resonates with your frequency. Hence the 64 goddess are attributes of the divine feminine, within each of us, creative and destructive.

So back to the image.The story states, as Parvati turned into Kali ma to slay the demonic forces. Her power was so strong that even Shiva could not pacify her. She was consumed by her state of being, partly because she couldn’t give birth to her children via her womb due to a curse and had built that resentment in her heart and blamed Shiva unconsciously, as Shiva had killed Kamadev the husband of Rati and it was she out of rage then cursed Parvati . This actually shows things done in anger and haste do not benefit you, communication between partners is key then it does not build up to the state of rage. Kali ma was expressing her rage universally. A conversation probably would have been better! but hey  sometimes it needs to be done, as creation can only happen after destruction. These stories are a depiction of human behavior, actions and consequences. That is what creates Karma. To pacify Kali ma and return her to her conscious state of Parvati, Shiva turned himself into a crying child, so she would be overcome by compassion and remember who she really is. Which is what she did and to pacify the child she began to feed him.

This picture resonated with me because i know people in my life now, i have been with in other lives, in different roles. A lover, a mother, a sibling and as i have become the observer in my life i don’t see the image as perverse.Your spouse may well have been your child in another life before and where that relationship ended there was unfinished business, so the remnants recycled into a new formation.

Ma Kali is both beauty and creative and represents the bounds of time and space…. her dark side just shows the human ego being destructive to itself. Those are the heads around her neck …because once the ego is not inflated to suit its means, transcendence can take place if one wishes to.

I bow with reverence from my heart for she has showed me the path….for which i follow!



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