Don’t Blame the DNA!

Don't blame the DNA

We are all conditioned to think we have a pre destined fate and to some degree many of us live this way. What about free will?

Religion dictates we are born to live through our KARMA ….

Karma means action, it shows you that you have the same energy pattern as the person you are having a relationship with , this could be with anyone. Health, thought patterns and characteristics are dictated by our DNA, its what our spirit decided to express in this lifetime. However we do not have suffer the same illnesses!

In the Hindu religion we invite our ancestors as a part of any religious ceremony for this very reason. By praying with them it increases the vibration of  the departed souls to be able help future generations. We all have a frequency of which we emit rays of attraction. If you share the same frequency as say your parents, living the same lifestyle, having the same thoughts, you will definitely follow in their footsteps LITERALLY!

The reason this happens is because you are living unconsciously, so the mind will dictate how the gene expresses itself. Start to live from a conscious perspective and life will change, fulfillment will happen and you won’t produce children with the same problems. This is the science of Epigenetics.

Our cells have a brain called the nucleus. Ayurveda states every cell is a conscious unit Pilu and Pithara agni the metabolism of the cell and digestive fire ( ref: Dr Vasant Lad) these molecules have gene expression in them, qualities from our family traits. Pithara is our ancestry and we carry the same coding. This can be changed through conscious living. I feel strongly about this as i am a living proof. Just as memories can be distorted, so can gene memory. Cycles of problems can be changed.

Being conscious means not being conditioned by our families teachings it means living with an awareness of  how you feel. Day to day in the present….this doesn’t mean you are disrespecting your parents. It means you are living for you! A unique expression of the universe….

Living unconsciously and constantly thinking of the past causes the mind to stay in the past. This is how dementia starts to happen….and other diseases start to manifest in the body.

It is the law of attraction!

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