The Moon, The Mother , & I

Kwan YIn Meditative Pose

The goddess Kwan YIn is known as a Bodhisattva, the legends tell a story of when she reached her state of Nirvana, she paused as she could hear cries of suffering from the material world. She relinquished the idea of Nirvana at the heavenly gates, to stay and help human enlightenment and ease the suffering in the world. She is the epitome of compassion and mercy.

MOTHER, a sense of overwhelming emotion,something which cannot be described in everyday language. Love is only befitting of it. I would say it is one of the most complex relationships one has. She makes life, gives birth, not always consciously, though. On our soul journeys, our paths cross many people of which we chose to expand our consciousness with. Parents in particular are the beginning of that journey, more so the mother in the early years. Of course this does not apply to all. Pre conception, and during pregnancy, imprints on the soul are formed from genetic expression.

Whether you are a man or a woman, our mother is our mirror of the female essence in us. The love we feel for ourselves, our nurturing qualities, creativity and intuition. It doesn’t matter if we have a negative or positive relationship with her, she is a reminder!


The sun and moon govern the male and female aspects of ourselves, hence these celestial forces have an influence over us and are seen through astrology. The sun being the male counterpart is symbolic of our ego, logic and analytic processes through the left brain and the moon is symbolic of our right brain, intuitive, creative and healing on a deeper level through the heart, can take place. The Moon therefore represents our mother. The relationship with her and your own nurturing qualities. It governs the hormonal processes and fluids in the body allowing the correct secretions of hormones for conception to take place.

Motherhood is a virtue. It is held in the highest regard, Mother Earth, Gaia, Nature. She gives life. Whether you have given birth or not, i am sure there are plenty who have mothered  in some way. So in celebration of Mothers day…..

I give love from my heart to my mother and wishes of love, honor and respect to all women, who are, or wish to be mothers..and those who selflessly nurture others…..Happy Mothers Day! xxx 

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