The Perception of Beauty


Image:     Ben Hassett for Vogue Germany 2013

Our perception of beauty is passed on to us via different mediums. Our parents, the media, peers groups, culture, environment and religion to name a few. The body, an exterior that houses our soul, a projector screen that emits our thoughts and desires visually to the outside world. There is nothing wrong with the admiration of aesthetics, be it a body, or a beautiful building. Vision is the first point of reference. I used to think so…

Or is it?

Depends which chakra you operate from (The energy centers within the body). The lower three, Root (Muladhara), Sacral (Svadisthana) and solar plexus (Manipura), govern our basic needs in life,which are food, sex and survival. The heart (Anahata) chakra is the bridge and the conduit to the higher chakras and governs our love on a deeper level, to see the divinity within the self and others. The expressive qualities within us, which are conveyed in our relationships through speech, and how we are perceived, by others, is the Vishuddha chakra and the final two, the third eye (Ajna) which is the doorway to our intuition and self relisation. Last but not least Sahasara, the complete knowingness, our connection to our super consciousness, or god self.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Meaning… through the eyes of which the soul can see, depicts the consciousness of the statement of beauty! Everything is subjective to each individual. The physical mind perceives and the higher self conceives.

The Images above are from an exhibition entitled Body Art by a photographer called Ben Hassett for Vogue in 2013. Tasteful and beautifully shot. This is a portrayal of the female form.

Now look at these images below they are taken from an exhibition called the Scar project. An amazing portrayal of the women who have survived breast cancer. More information:

These women portray the spirit of femininity! It really touched my heart a few days ago when i came across these as, I AM too a breast cancer survivor. My tears fell unknowingly what i truly felt about my breasts. At that time in my late thirties i still associated my femininity to my body parts and was angry that the choice of being able to breastfeed my child was going to be taken away from me, a part of my sexuality discarded like it didn’t matter. It mattered to me!

Through my spiritual awareness and the wisdom of being in my forties i have come to realise as my heart chakra opened its realm, that I AM not this body. I AM pure spirit! I cannot be defined by my body, its too limiting!

I have noticed and been interested to see through my work in couples meditation, how much resistance there is for one another on a deeper level. There may be satisfaction on a sexual level, but as this excitement diminishes with time, some cannot see a way of staying with that partner for any other reason as they cannot move beyond the ego. This is where the chakras come into play.

Connection at a soul level with your partner brings a new essence, a part of you that you didn’t recognise, an untapped territory. Bring your awareness to your heart in a quiet moment and think of your partner, see what words come to mind in association with him or her.

Go beyond the surface and dive into the depths of love and really feel the emotion that emanates. Be honest with yourself.

As i am a female writing this…. next time you look at your woman, guys or girls, don’t see her from your eyes, feel her from your heart and recognise her,  as more than a great pair of Tits!

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