Be the Observer

The observer

If you were watching your life like a movie, munching away your popcorn. You would certainly partake in certain scenes, but from a distance, feel the emotion, cry the moment, enjoy the bliss. As you watched, you would have formed an objective viewpoint because you are not in it and when you leave the cinema, its already a past event. Detachment takes place. Out of sight, out of mind, children operate very much like this. This is a living meditation, becoming the observer. During a spiritual journey , awareness grows, old tendencies of being consumed by emotions become less and situations are handled from a place of healing.

When birth takes place, its almost like a play button has been pressed on a tape recorder over and over again in the bounds of time. To prevent repetitious cycles in each rebirth. Live consciously. See yourself as three aspects, the conditioned self (an accumulation of the past), the present conscious and the observer. When a conflicting situation arises between you and someone, use the third aspect of yourself whilst being present and imagine yourself watching the scenario. This way you cannot get consumed by the emotions involved  and it can be seen with the objective eye as oppose to the subjective one.

You will see the conflict from a different perspective, almost like giving a friend advice, we do that easily as our ego is not involved and it is clearer because you are not attached to it or the outcome. So become your own friend and do not be disillusioned by your mind and ego in an argument or any relationship. A sensitivity will arise in you from the heart and compassion will yield. Transformation will endeavor.

So enjoy the movie of your life on this continuum and play your role with integrity!

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