Mirrors of the soul


Gandhiji quoted: ‘Be the change you want to see!’

This statement is used so much because it has so much value. The universe mirrors every thought and action you take, like a mental note pad. Now imagine yourself looking in the mirror, what do you see looking back at you? a reflection of your current reality. A picture of how you are feeling is displayed in front of you. Now change a thought, or smile, or pull a face, watch how the reflections changes.

Take this example and apply it to all the relationships in your life particularly the challenging ones and think of each them as your reflection as if you are looking at yourself in the mirror and what is staring back is that individual. Why would they be your reflection , you may ask? well everything in the universe animate or inanimate is interconnected. Like the term six degrees of separation, where you could be on the other side of the world and meet someone from your street who you never bump into normally. Or you have a coincidental (no such thing!) meeting with someone.

So why do we have harmonious relationships with some and not others? or that one person who really niggles you and brings the worst out in you. This happens because that negative aspect of their behavior resides in you to some degree. You may not recognise it, as it is not in your conscious awareness and also the ego will tell you otherwise. You have attracted that person into your life because its a reflection of yourself. Your soul needs to heal that part of yourself to transcend from that behavior pattern. Essentially this is what karma is.

Again lets go back to your mirror,your looking at yourself and want to change your reflection somehow by adding something, changing your look or a thought. It wont change by swapping the mirror, you have to change you!

A small experiment you can do for yourself is to take a  series of selfies (seen as they are so current!!) and with each one, change a thought, emotion or action. Look back at them and notice differences in the way your reflection changes in captured stills, known as a photo. These depict your reality and consciousness at that time. When you look at old photographs and connect them to different phases in your life and the feelings connected to them tell a story. Its really interesting…The word photography is derived from, drawing the light. The action of light being reflected back off a subject and transmitted through our brains to our eyes. Its a reflection of what is in front of our camera. It reminds me of photon behavior.

These are good tools to practice awareness and mindful behavior. It is not always an easy task, because our ego likes  to keep itself inflated. We all have one and need a healthy ego of self confidence not indulgence, to exist. It is the ‘I am’ we inhale and exhale, expressed as So hum when we meditate.

A difficult relationship with a person like a parent, who you feel does not get you, challenges you to think in a different perspective. We all have a shadow self and it is good to come face to face with that. Rather than suppressing it. So next time a negative issue arises with someone close to you, whatever it is, remember part of that resides in you. Recognise it and change that aspect in you, and you will see a difference in your relationship, it may happen quickly or it may take some time. Persevere and come face to face with yourself  even your darker side, it is actually quite enlightening! Its like the Yin Yang symbol, there is light in the dark and dark in the light. Polarity!

Energetically, rifts will heal as that  part of yourself no longer exists within you, so you cannot attract it.

This is how you ‘Be the change you want to see’

Let me know how you get on?….


Image by: Bora Deviantart.

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