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Well its that time of year again!

Love is in the air…..hmm,hmmm, hmm… Love is in the air……na   you now how the song goes!

When we read about, or talk of love, it is expressed as something we give away, a part of  ourselves, to our children, partners, families. By that time, what is left for ourselves? A spiritual talk i attended many years ago by a dear Swami called Muniji, was describing the concept of love and thought the western idea of falling in love was bizarre. Falling is an adjective for moving downwards. Not really positive when think about it! He then stated that we should be in love. Which i thought was pretty cool then, not understanding the full magnitude of it……until now.

Love is the soul, poets write about and philosophers talk of. This is self love. This concept is conveyed in different forms in new age spirituality and ancient texts. An analogy springs to mind of a plane …about to crash and you are advised to put on your oxygen mask before your child’s, or help any one else. What use are you going to be, if you stopped breathing whilst attending others.

This self love applies in holistic healing  and is hugely promoted as the first step of awareness of ones self. The Sanskrit term Sneha  literally means love and Snehana (oil application) is a daily massage routine promoted by Ayurveda. The power of touch is amazing, it alters your state of consciousness, nourishes bodily tissues and keeps you grounded. Its like a lovers embrace and mothers healing touch when your not feeling well.

The inner self love when we start to explore is our self worth! When we feel inadequate within, we tend to look for  an answer in something outside ourselves a compensation of some sort, a partner to ‘complete’ us or a child to fulfill our desires we could not do. This always ends in disappointment as the lack in you is still being fed by an external source making you feel unworthy and you will keep attracting this into your life.

Like attracts like. This is the key formula to learn. What you are is what you receive and how you feel about yourself is how people treat you. This is usually hidden in the unconscious until you become aware of patterns in your life and your families,whether it s illness or bad relationships.

Through meditative practices we can access the unconscious and release embedded emotions we have about ourselves and conditioning’s from childhood. As you start to inquire within, you will begin to notice a huge difference, as your outer experiences mirror how you feel inside about yourself.

A love through feeling great about yourself, not just superficially, going deeper, nourishing your body with a healthy diet and exercise, yoga, swimming , Pilates, the gym. What ever takes your fancy! some mind , body , spirit unification through meditation is the best.

Finally when we awake each day ….to have some gratitude about what we do have, how much we are loved! and just a cheeky little smile to ourselves and confidently say ‘I AM’ as the great yogis knew what they were talking  about!

Only then can we truly feel a greater love with a partner a real unconditional bond, not bondage, not just giving or taking.

Just being……

Love from me…Happy Valentines!!! x

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