creation a rose


                      ‘Prakrtim svam avastabhya visrjami punah punah’ 

 The material nature of thy personal self, entering unto, i create again & again…


To define the universe in its entirety,would be limiting in words. There are many theories, scientific and philosophical which stem from religious traditions. However science is objective and the soul is subjective, as is consciousness, it cannot be measured, only experienced, as its forever expressing itself over and over. The above quote was spoken by Shri Krishna himself in the Bhagvat Geeta, as he describes what we may call the ‘big bang’. The beauty of creation which is all pervading and its existence is infinite forever replicating itself.

The word Avyakta means ‘not manifest’ or formless. Just pure existence, which is hard to imagine in the minds eye. Energy in the form of pure consciousness, the supreme soul or God, whichever description resonates with you as your vision of a higher power. This state is known as Brahman in the Hindu religion. From this, Duality manifested itself as the male and female aspects, known as Purusha and Prakruti, or you may know them as Shiv/Shakti or from a science perspective as Energy and Matter. Purusha in his simplicity has the persona of a silent witness and Prakruti exudes creativity. As the two combined, an equilibrium was set, but when separation took place their different characters projected their divine will, so Prakruti started to create and emulate herself as Purusha witnessed in a silent conscious state.

When i first studied this in an Ayurvedic text, i kind of chuckled to myself as It felt like things haven’t changed much in the course of time when it comes to men and women. Men are not obvious in their creativity when it comes to life, women however plan from the very moment they are conceived, their eggs are developed and waiting, their love, their wedding, how many children etc….etc…

So… why do we want children? when i have asked friends this question, they look baffled, i suppose they have never really thought about it. Usually its the love for their partner and a silent nudge from mother nature wanting to repeat itself again. The soul is an eternal vibration, housing itself in a body , choosing its DNA, to experience itself as itself in the highest possible way. Subtle thoughts and desires from parents in a conscious or unconscious way, pull this vibration nearer from higher realms beyond space time and through the act of lovemaking, energy and matter collide and life begins as we know it. The law of attraction, simple physics comes into play what you give out is what you get back….

This is the nature of nature!

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